Why netlog?

Netlog is a site on the internet where you can have your own profile. Though Netlog gives you more benefits, many people prefer a profile on other sites like facebook. Netlog can replace every other social network and is easier to use but few people are aware of it.


First of all the lay-out is kind of childish. That scares a bunch of young adults, that’s why they use other, more difficult sites, which aren’t as pretty as Netlog. Why does it scare them? Because they want to look like an adult of course. In my opinion it’s not even necessary. Even though it looks a little childish, it comes in handy. It is easy to use, you don’t need to search hours to find all its applications and it offers many possibilities.

Everything you need to find is classified on top of the page. On the left side you can see the normal way to find pages on the site and on the right side you can place buttons to get to your favorite pages immediately. If you get a log, a message or if someone wants to become your friend, Netlog shows it immediately on top of the page. 

Social contacts

 Of course you don’t create a profile on a social network only for the lay-out, you want to meet new people and keep contact with your friends. This is very simple with netlog. You can meet new friends when you visit your friends and look at the profiles of their friends or you can look for total strangers in the category (on top) “explore”. There you can find blogs, pictures and more placed by other people. The best thing about it (when you ask me) is that you can only find publications from people around your age. If you want to meet people of a total different age, you will have to search for them (also on top of the screen). This is much easier when you know the person you’re searching for. You fill in the name and all the possible profiles are showed. 

Then, if you can’t find the person, you can select some options which match with the person you’re looking for (age, gender, smokes,…) very useful if you ask me. If you find someone interesting you can send them an invitation to be friends. A useful tip: write a message with it to convince him/her to be your friend.

A very handy option is that you can see who visits your profile on Netlog (this isn’t something you can find on all social networks) you can find the ‘visits’ in the tab ‘logs’. You can choose who can see your profile when you look at the institutions (only friends, only friends and their friends, only people who have a Netlog account or simply everyone).


Obviously, once you’re friends you’d like to be busy with them. You can do this by visiting their profile and placing a comment or if they already left a comment on your profile you can respond. If you don’t want that everyone sees your conversation, you can chat within the tab designed for messages. It functions as a chat as well as an inbox. You can see when the other person is typing and when you leave you can shut it down and put it back on later. Just like a normal message, you can send to the other person when he’s not online. Naturally it is also possible to see what your friends are doing on their Netlog account. You can see this within the tab ‘logs’. Here you can decide ( on the left side of the page) what you want to see exactly.

Update profile

You can update your profile in several ways. you can show your photo’s, blogs, notations, applications, polls and a lot more. The only thing you’ll have to do is make (or upload) the object and select it for the page that’s meant to be your profile. All of this is possible in the tab ‘manage’. There you can change your skin or profile picture.

You can also tag someone on pictures. This will most likely offer more visitors.

Change Information

At the start you will have to Give some information about yourself. The most of it can be changed, but not your age or gender. The tab ‘manage’ can help you with this. You can change pictures and stuff and it would be stupid if you couldn’t change your love status.

A few fun facts

A little while ago there came a new category where you can play games. These still get better within time and there will be more functions to explore. There is only one disadvantage. To get more possibilities you will have to earn credits, also to put photo’s or blogs in the spotlight.

Those credits can be bought on Netlog or you can win them with several activities.

Free applications can be used like buddypoke, love-clock, HotOrNot,….

So why netlog?

Now you see how simple Netlog is? Netlog has a bunch of useful applications just like any other social network and it is growing. The creators are still updating and working on new functions. Do you want more safety and do you want to hide your profile for some users? In that case Netlog is the perfect way to take. It’s a child friendly site, but you can only join at the age of 13.