A lot of people dream to leave something behind. Some trust having children is the ultimate gift for the future, others create art for generations to come. Inventions, experiments and discoveries all have dual purpose, to understand past and to improve future. It's all very serious, and because of that people forget that it's possible to have fun while leaving behind a part of self, and not only by creating a comic strip or recording a few jokes. One of the more creative ways to write one's name into history is to be written into the Guinness World Records.

If you'd like to try to set a record, it's wise to first find out what the limitations are so you don't consider a category that is not taken into consideration or an activity that is specifically prohibited to be claimed as a record. Once you do that, check out different records that have already been set and decide whether you'll be trying to beat one of them, or if you'd like to be the first to set a record in a completely new category.

Picking the specific record you'll be tackling is important, as it will most likely involve time commitment from you to prepare and practice as needed. You will then have to contact the GWR offices by sending an application and going through the registration process. Upon receiving paperwork from you the GWR people will have up to six weeks to answer you, and they will let your idea is accepted or rejected. If you're lucky and get an approval, you will receive a packet with specific guidelines as to your next steps.

What you need to be prepared for is that you'll have to either specify or broaden your idea for example if you want to break the record in riding borrowed motorcycles, you might be told they have to be Harleys or only motorcycle rentals; if you want to be part of setting record for the most people dancing rumba, you may have to avoid specifying the dance as it would have to be proven everybody is dancing rumba and not just moving to the music.

Verification of the record is done by a GWR Judge or by the staff in the office. Having a professional partake in your attempt adds importance to your record breaking and lets you get the results immediately, but it involves appearance and travel fees, not to mention there is a limited number of judges so requesting one may delay your attempt. If you stick to the detailed information in the papers you receive you will have to send the materials in and within six weeks you'll find out if the staff verified your record to have been set.

Don't be discouraged by a long list of records already set. First off, you can always practice, you can come up with a completely new idea for a record, or you can use your charismatic personality towards convincing people to join you as there is always room for records like the most people riding fixed gear bikes over some famous bridge in one day, or the most married couples fitting on a bus. All you need is an idea and off you go filling an application.