Chrome Bug Deflector from EGR

So if you're like me, and are sick and tired of the summer insects peppering your windshield, hood, and top, there is a decent looking auto accessory out there you can add to your vehicle that can help! It's simply called a Bug Deflector. Some call them Bug Guards, Bug Shields, Hood Deflectors, or Front End Deflectors. They're all the same and so is their mission – to redirect the bugs, dust, dirt, and debris up and away from your vehicle.

While this product has been around for half a century at least, they have improved over the green tinted plastic jobs that your grandfather drove around with. Now much better built, sturdier, durable, and way better looking, the bug deflectors of today have style. Molded to fit your specific vehicle, they fit as much of the front end as you want, whether just the width of the hood, or a "wrap-around" covering the entire front. Made from quality, long-lasting materials like ABS and Acrylic, you can get them in a smoke color finish, or better yet, you can get them chromed!!!

For those of us that love the look of chrome on a pickup truck, here is a slick way to keep the bugs away and add some extra chrome to the front end. If you've already added chrome pieces like grille inserts, rocker panels, pillar covers, door handles, fuel doors, and window trim, this is the perfect addition! And sitting right out front on your rig, it's a definite eye-catcher! I think it just really sets off the whole front – with the grille and bumper, this works!

By chroming up the bug deflector, it adds some style up there, but it also blends better with your paint job and other accessories. Quite an improvement over that flappy green thing!! And the nicest part about these is that installing them is quick and easy. No drilling is involved, just some sturdy clips and push rivets, and away you go! You can choose from top notch manufacturers in the deflector world like AVS, Lund, Covercraft, Wade, GTS, and others. So get this nasty problem solved in a wink, dress up that front end, and get yourself a nice chrome bug deflector for your truck, or your car, van, or SUV. It really doesn't matter what you're driving, you need one of these!! Your rig will thank you for it, and car-washing will be a simple task once again for you!