If we will analyze the databases of dating sites dedicated to American and European audience, social networks, which activity is dating - we will see the lasting tendency that the men's profiles are considerably more than the women's profiles. Of course, if we will surf the sites, which activity is specialized on goods for women - forums for moms, sites about women's fashion, embroidery - on these resources the women's profiles prevail. On Russian dating services the men audience is less the women quantity too.

But on dating resources for American and European users the quantity of men is more than the number of women. And it doesn't depend of variety of dating site - if it's paid or free one. On dating sites the ratio on men's and women's profiles are 75% of men's profiles and 25% of women' profiles. We can see such situation as on famous dating sites, as on new dating services, which haven't become very popular yet. Why do American and European women neglect online dating? What reasons of it are? Let's analyze this situation.

First of all, according to United States Census Bureau, in America and in the European Union the quantity of men is more than the number of women. Under their statistics in 2009 in the USA, in the age from 15 to 67 years old, to 1 woman are born 1,5 men. In the European Union, in the age from 15 to 67 years old, to 1 woman are born 1,6 men. Starting from this statistics, some men can not easily find their future wife. And to reach their goal - to create family - they are forced to take active measures to meet their love. For example, some American and European men register to dating sites to have possibility to meet here their future wives.

If in America and in the European Union the quantity of women is more than the number of men, most women have not such necessity to search their future husband on dating sites. American and European women, if they are beautiful, can find their future life partners in offline life - at work, on the street, in public places and events such as restaurant, library, cafe, holidays, festivals. In that way most women don't register to dating sites.

The other reason is the females' psychology - women are more practical and sociable than men. Women think they must see their future life partner personally. Women talk a lot about their intimate life to their friends. Moreover females don't hide details of intimate life in conversation with close friends. For example, a single girl says to her friend that she wants to find new boyfriend. Her friend can acquaint this single girl with her neighbour, colleague, classmate, which is single too. In that way, women prefer off line dating. And they can find their future husband in such way.

Most men are less sociable then women. Especially, if we talk about shy men or men, who work a lot, make career. Modest men can feel shy to make acquaintance with colleagues, classmates of their friends. Busy men have not time to visit public places, where there are single girls. Their daily itinerary is home - work - home. When and how can they meet a girl for dating? For these men, if they are single, it is easier to register to dating site and try to find their life partner online, communicate with her and only after that meet her personally.

Online dating is comfortable for men, who work in IT sphere, for programmers. In most cases, the profession of IT programmer is work for men. For IT programmers computer, the Internet are their life. For them it is more comfortable to register to dating sites, dating networks and meet their future wife here.

According to statistics of NSF's SESTAT in the field of computers, information technologies work 33,1% of women. These women, of course, use dating sites to meet men. But the percentage of women in the field of IT is small. Most women don't want to learn informatics, IT, computers. They think that this profession isn't interesting for women, it's for men.

If we will analyze Muslim countries, we will see clear tendency of the men predominance. In the Muslim countries women can not leave house, go to shop, market without according of man (father, brother, husband). What can we say about online dating for Muslim women? Only Europeanized Muslim women, who have university-level education and wealthy can use computer. But in this case such women can register and visit dating sites only with parents' permission.

If we will analyze African countries, we will watch high level of illiteracy. In Africa there are a lot of people, especially women, who can not write and read and moreover, they can not use computer, because they haven't got computer and Internet. Therefore most African women can not register to dating sites and networks.

To make up a conclusion to our reasonings, we can sum up: on dating sites and networks the quantity of women is less than the number of men because of religious, demographic and social factors. And this ratio is 25% to 75%.