Gadgets nowadays like Smartphones, digital cameras, Android phones, etc. have become an indispensable part of everyone’s life. Whether a man or a woman, a teenager, middle age person, or even those who are retired. Gadgets have been very useful to most people for communication, networking, socialization, business, and pleasure. I have heard one of my friend said, he could not afford to wake up one day without his tablet on the side. He’s a writer and a researcher in a television network and his life revolves in the four corners of his computer screen.

But I think it’s not just about the need why these people really hook-up to have one of the latest gadget in the trend. It’s about something more, something that has evolved as the time and generation changes. Before, only few people would like to have it, only those who can really afford. Today, most if not all would really spend money just to have one and the good thing is its prices keep going down everyday so anyone can buy it just like candies in stores.

So, why people buy it? Let me share you these social observations.

I want to be the coolest guy in town.

If you carry iPhone 4S in your hand, you look cool, you feel cool, and you think you’re the coolest guy on earth. Yeah, it might sound absurd but it’s somewhat the reality especially among Asians who are very much fascinated with these new inventions. Much more, if you wear this little gadget in a sling around your neck, people will turn their heads to you, and you think you become a Techno-icon in an instant. Most teenagers think that having gadgets like iPad and Smartphone would make others think their cool and would make their circle of friends bigger. It’s not just about to have a new gadget but it has something to do with their image once they have acquired the latest trend or stuff that others are trying to sought-after. The desire to own the “it” gadget often has little to do with the functions of the item itself. It is purely for status.

Gadgets(85445)I can’t live without it.

It’s very true for those in the communication businesses, in the media, for media practitioners, and entertainment icons. These gadgets, little or small has become necessary for these people in their day to day life. These gadgets help them in many different ways like tracking and monitoring the sales of their business, keeping in touch with their business partners, be updated about the latest events and information, getting the hottest news in anywhere around the world, and practicing their craft anytime and anywhere in their busy schedule. These gadgets help these people do their task with speed and accuracy without wasting so much time and energy.

I don’t know what to spend with my money.

This might not be common among all people but it does exist. Yeah, there are some, if not many, who are having difficulty in what to spend with their money. It could be he has really a lot of money in the bank that he don’t need to save, or he has extra money but just don’t know what to buy with it. To end the story, he got into the department store and buys these gadgets that were labeled hot in town!

 I saw it on TV.

Media is one of the reasons why these products become very popular to everyone. Even toddlers that have just learned how to speak would want to play with this iPhone because he can see and hear it most of the time in the TV. Media is said to be the most influential and the most powerful agency to persuade people. No wonder the makers of these products would willingly spend millions for promotions. It’s just nothing compare to the billions of sales they will acquire in return.

I don’t want to be left behind.

Obviously it’s peer pressure. My friends have these stuffs, I should have, too. If I don’t have it, I don’t belong to the group”. That is why advertisement and promotional firms choose to get teens as endorsers and models of their products. These will make their market bigger and powerful. The bigger the market, the bigger the profit.

A social status

What you wear says about what you do. What you use says about who are you. Fanatics of international pop idol Beyonce know that the actress uses the phones Palm Centro and Blackberry. These phones have been made her social status. People think they will look like their idol if they use what their icon is using. Presidents of the different countries and other famous people have their own version of each new gadget, too. Some were even especially made just for them. The fact that these items are so elusive and near impossible to find, make them even more of a lure for consumers.

But why others crave to buy these gadgets as soon as their out in the market?

I have an officemate and I could observe he rapidly changes his gadgets every two months or every time he heard something hot and new in the line. I thought he’s just wasting his money, is he some kind of gadget addict? But, then I found out later the reasons why he does such things. Every time there’s a new model for every Smartphone, the manufacturer added some new applications like games and programs to these gadgets that are not available in the previous one and he finds it useful for him for work and for his leisure time.

One of the hottest items online these days is the Tablet. Well it looks like just a picture frame to me but it can be used as a cell phone, camera, etc. So far it is one of the amazing inventions to help us men do our things easier. This gadget and others alike gives us comfort, accuracy, and speed. No wonder why most people, including me are hooked to these gadgets.