People have a queer way of thinking when it comes to things they do not like to do. Finding an excuse perfect enough to get out of the situation is the pastime of some. We all run away from things we must do even if we do not realize that. The question is why do we do that?

I thought about this for some time now and come up with some conclusions, the first being the mind set we have towards  work, school or chores (since thats what most people tend to hate) or anything we think of as annoying. All in all, we try to find faults in it and look at it in every negative way that we can, just so others will be convinced of our stand and agree with us. If we change our thinking a little bit, and looked at it (whatever it is that bugs us) in a different way, it just might lessen our hatred and  we might even start liking it.

We can talk about that thing which we loathe so many times over and over again and yet it would not have changed a bit.  Some people just like to go against the flow even if they are wrong which leads to arguments, excuses and justifications. Simply being the loudest talker or finding ways to run away from a situation, which might seem smart, does not make you right in any way. And I am not talking about opinion, everyone has a right to air their views but just because you feel a  certain way about something does not mean others’ opinion does not matter.

There are even others who do not see the good aspect of anything. For them, there is no such thing as a good thing and that everything is just a mess and it would have been better if life was a different way. They then come up with their version of whats perfection and you find that they have a totally unrealistic and impractical thinking. Yes, there are many people out there like that and if they were reading this, it would be hard for them to admit that they, in fact behave like that. Well, it would be good for them to work on themselves instead of pointing out the flaws in everything under the sun.

Think about the last time you had do something which you did not like at all, you must have grumbled about it, at least in your mind, then you must have thought how great it would have been if you were not having to do it. Now that was quite a lot of energy spent just hating that work. It might have been easier concentrating on the job and getting it over with. So more of getting things done and less of excuse-making.