Whatever we do in life, perseverance is one of the keys to success. Whether at work trying to gain a promotion, building a new business or even in relationships, perseverance is the key to success. This is a view shared by many and in this article we are going to take a look at why it is true.

We are going to look at six tips that show why perseverance is the key to success, from learning from failures to hard work to goal setting.

1. Close to success

Perseverance means that you continue with whatever you are doing, whatever happens. Quite often we see people, or even companies, give up on something that was at the cusp of becoming great. You might be extremely close to success but not know it, which means that by persevering you will succeed when previously you wouldn’t have.

2. It takes many failures to get to success

People rarely get it correct the first time. It takes many attempts to get something right; it’s just that often people don’t advertise their failures as much as their successes. By persevering you will continue and eventually you will get something that works.

3. You are still learning

From every failure we learn something. We are continually learning as long as we are doing something. If we give up we are doing nothing and therefore learning nothing. Through perseverance we will continue to learn and so more likely to possess the skills needed to succeed.

4. Hard work conquers all

Anything worth having requires work, usually lots of it. Those who work smart and work 16 hours a day are often achieving the success that many of us covert. Whether that success is status, recognition or more likely money – hard work conquers all but requires perseverance in order to continue working at the same thing.

 5. Self belief

To succeed we need the self belief that we can achieve whatever objective we want to.  We need to write a battle plan for the way we are going to achieve things which will require that we persevere. Without perseverance we won’t be able to follow our plan which may lead us not to reach our success like outlined above.

 6. Goals

This is almost a summary of the above points but by setting smaller goals, each one that we can definitely persevere to, we can work our way up to the level of success that we desire. We must think about the long strategy but you need to think about you immediate situation as well. Taking many smaller steps is safer than doing the long jump in one attempt, as it is easier and safer to do.

I absolutely believe that without perseverance, we won’t succeed in life. We need to take the rough with the smooth and look at the whole picture. The first couple of years in work, especially with the current climate, may be extremely difficult but must remember what we are working for.

Do you think perseverance is the key to success? Do you disagree? Have you got an example of something you have persevered with? Please feel free to write a comment below.