have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a real life soldier on the battlefield?  Having to rely only on your allies, and your gun to make it through the day. You would have to think fast, and act quicker if you where going to take the bunker or charge the hill.  If only their was a way to experience the adrenaline pumping action of combat, but without the risk of injury. Well there are several ways to do just that. One of those ways is with paintball.

Paintball allows you to experience action very similar to combat, but be completely safe.  The paintball guns themselves actually originated as a way to mark cattle. They needed a quick way to mark cattle for auctions, but didn't want the mark to last. So farmers invented a gas powered paint gun that took pellets. One day some rambunctious teens found the guns in a magazine, and after ordering them and testing them out paintball was born.

Paintball is also a great way to get into shape. Have you ever wish you did more running? Well try to play a game of paintball without running. Paintball is all about running around the field trying to get the best position.  You are constantly getting into and out of range of other players, and will be working up a sweat in no time.  Also, paintball is so much fun you wont even realize it.

Paintball also isn't that expensive to get into.  Don't get me wrong if you plan on playing professionally you will spend ridiculous amounts of money. But you can get a decent starter paintball gun for under 50 dollars, and mask for 20 dollars. Once you get past the initial setup the only recurring cost is paint, and CO2 gas.  However, like all hobbies if you let yourself you can spend way to much money on it.  So just keep a smart head about what you buy. You don't have to keep up with the best players. You need to just approach it with the end result of having fun, and you can laugh at all the people paying way to much for just a game.

So weather you are an adrenaline junkie or just someone looking to have some outdoor fun paintball is a great sport. Remember to be safe when you play, and only play in places people aren't going to wander into. Like with any group activity it is only as dangerous as the most unsafe player. If everyone plays by the rules, and noone is trying to be mean you can have some great fun playing paintball.