Find out why you should register for a baby registry at Babies R Us. Get a $5.00 off coupon at Babies R Us. Get a free baby gift bag from Babies R Us. Get a free catalogue at Babies R Us Baby.

Babies R UsPreparing for the arrival of a newborn is a lot of work. Are you prepared? Do you have a checklist of what you and your baby will need? What should the checklist include? How much money do you need to get prepared? Who will be buying what? To avoid receiving gifts that you don't need or just don't want? These are the reasons why you need to register for a baby registry like the one at Babies R Us.

Regardless if this is your first pregnancy or not, you should head over to Babies R Us and sign up for their free baby registry. When signing up for the Babies R Us baby registry, you will receive a checklist of the items that you and the baby will need. Signing up for baby registry at Babies R Us is easy. There are two ways to register for the Babies R Us baby registry. We will go over each options.

Online Method:

Baby RegistryYou can register for the Babies R Us baby registry through their online web site. Once you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email from Babies R Us (or Toys R Us) thanking you for registering with them. In this email, you will receive your baby registry number. You can then immediately start adding items to your baby registry. Then in the next couple of days, you should receive a second email from Babies R Us. In this email, you will receive a coupon to pick up your free Babies R Us gift bag (more about it a little later) and a coupon to save $5.00 on their online store.

In-store Method:

In the Babies R Us store, you will see a section called Baby Registry. One of the Babies R Us friendly baby consultants will register you in their baby registry program. You will be given a baby registry form and your baby registry number. The baby registry form will contain a checklist of the items you and your baby will need. At the back of this registration form/checklist, you will find a $5.00 off coupon. You will receive a free gift bag (more about it a little later) and you will also receive a scanning gun. Using your checklist and scanning gun, walk through the store and scan the items that you need and your baby will need. The nice thing about being at the physical store is that the baby consultant at the Baby Registry desk will be more than happy in helping you select and scan the items.

  • They can suggest how many items you will need. i.e. How many glass bottles or plastic bottles will you need?
  • Suggest which product may work better for you. i.e. Should you get the full-size stroller, the double stroller, the lightweight stroller, or the 3 wheel stroller?
  • Help you in the material and color selections. i.e. What materials and color should you get for your nursery bedding set?
  • What items will you need now and what items will you need later. i.e. Do you need an infant seat (car seat) now or should you wait until you're closer to the delivery date?

As you scan/select through the items, you will start to realize there is a lot of work in getting prepare for a baby. Are you worried that you won't have enough time or afraid that you may forget some items? Don't like a color or brand that you had already added to your baby registry? Not to worry, you can also add to you registry and edit it at any time. There are three ways to add, change and remove items on your baby registry. They are as follows:

  1. From Babies R Us website, you can log into your baby registry account to add additional products, edit quantity or remove items.
  2. Using the provided product scanner gun, you can add, edit and remove products. Babies R Us has 300 Babies stores nationally.
  3. Another option is to phone in your products to Baby R Us.

Once you have finished selecting all of your items, give your Babies R Us Baby Registry Number to family and friends. From the Babies R Us website, your family and friends can print out your baby register list of items. They can then visit the Babies R Us store, look for the products they wish to purchase for you. What if two or more family members or friends purchase the same item? You can always go to the Babies R Us store and exchange it for something else or you can even get a store credit.

Let's talk about what you get in the gift bag. In the gift bag you will get a milk bottle, a sippy cup, 1 pack sample diaper, and tons of other great sample type items. Depending on which store you go to and when you get your gift bag (next year's gift bag maybe different from this year) the items you receive in the gift bag may differ. In addition to the gift bag, Babies R Us will also give you their Babies R Us catalogue which costs $2.00. This catalogue contains a ton of money saving coupons for various items in their store.

Another great reason to register for a baby registry at Babies R Us is their email newsletters. Babies R Us constantly has great sales. Babies R Us informs you of these great sales by emailing you on a weekly basis. If there are items on your baby registry you didn't get as gifts or if there are items you forgotten to add to your list, chances are that sooner or later Babies R Us will have those items on sale. Don't fret; you can pick up the item when it goes on sale.

Go and sign up for a baby registry at Babies R Us today.

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