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If I tell you that you get a chance of advertising your profile or product in EVERY infobarreI article how would you feel? This is what exactly a comment does. Commenting is actually a gold mine.

I see that the comment ratio here is not even one comment per article (100,000 articles we’ve managed to accumulate over 72,000 comments -quoted from the article InfoBarrel Milestone – 100,000 Published Articles).


Furthermore I was also shocked when I clicked an article featured at the homepage for more than 4 days and to my amazement the article had only 1 comment. The article was awesome but the readers were too busy to comment or didn’t think about its benefits.



When there are lots of comments on an article Google moves up this article and the site in the search. This is because Google gauges the matter in the article and if the audience loves it by the comments. So more comments on an article means the article is useful, interesting and people love it so naturally the rank of the article soars up.

In the other hand if the article has fewer comments, this means the article is a dry read. So this boring article will move down the ladder of Google search as there are no comments meaning less or no person is interested in the article.

The end result is, the more comments an article has, the more traffic the article draws. I am sure you know that more traffic means more money in our pockets.

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Well that said you must be wondering, of what use is comments for the commenter. The commenter in turn gets the same benefit. When a person reads an insightful comment then they would like to check out the profile of the commenter checking the profile means reading an article or two and this, dear readers, will receive the result of more bucks just like above.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t ask you to go commenting ‘check out my profile’ ‘read my article on ….’ Oh no. Leave insightful lovely comments and the rest will follow.

Do I hear someone saying, ‘what if I have nothing to say?’ oh oh….That is not an excuse. The very first reason why we click on an article is because we like to read it. So after reading it, tell the author your thoughts. If you like it say so, ‘That was a great article yummy-treasures, I am now happy the comment section exists and am going to comment after every article that I read’

Or if you don’t like the article, say so in a nice manner and of course tell the author why you think the article wasn’t for your taste. ‘Hello yummy-treasures, this is an informative article but I was wondering if you can prove this with stats. Thank you’

Or if you truly have nothing what so ever to tell, then come on guys, ‘Great article’ ‘Cool’ ‘I never saw comments this way’ ‘Thumbs up’ ‘Very useful’ the list can go on and on.



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Prophet Muhammad (sal) says that smiling at another is charity. Making someone happy is definitely a good deed.

Another benefit and this truly is a benefit is that you will make the author happy. Man I have received hundreds of comments on my blogs etc. and every time I see a new one I get the same lovely feeling again. You will definitely make someone s day my commenting on their article.

Remember that deeds are like a boomerang whatever you do come back to you. Whenever I see a comment on my article the commenter’s name and avatar is etched in my mind. I some time send them a friend request and if I have the same interest as theirs then I subscribe. This way commenting does also increase your fans. Now who wouldn’t like to have fans!



We should make sure that we comment on new users to infobarrel because if old users will be overwhelmed at receiving comments just imagine the ecstasy the new user will experience. Your comment on the first article of any user will motivate the user to write more and be a help to this site and the world at large by contributing her ideas in articles.

It is always better to leave insightful comments and provide tips on improving the article. We should make sure that the comment we post is not blunt and not sharp at criticizing the article for its bad English or worthless facts. If an article is too bad (This will not be the case as all articles are reviewed before publishing) but if any article does not match your taste then the best thing you do is slowly sneak out of the article.

Comments educate and inspire the author. The best we can do is creating interest among other readers too. If I come across an article featuring exercise I can also discuss the exercise that I do which is not mentioned in the article. What you are doing is sparking interest and most likely the other readers will want to share their experience and thoughts.

There are three golden rules of great commenting.

  1. Be very nice – even if you agree or disagree to the article.
  2. Comment within the topic.
  3. Give good suggestions – everyone has their own style of writing and their own ways of looking a things. A nice suggestion in improving the article or even an idea for another article will be a great response from you.



Comments give the readers ideas for a new article. There have been many comments on my posts that have motivated me in creating a sequel to the post or creating a new article. In gratitude to the commenter I give them some tip or leave and nicer comment on one of their articles that truly deserves praise.

All of us like to write on subjects that people will love to read so why not get the ideas for your article from the people themselves!!

You would have already noticed (unless you read only your stuff) that those good writers at IB are those who are good commenters. Alas it has to be, after all commenting does bring with it a great deal of benefits.

The author has to make sure that s/he replies to the comments on the article as some comments are questions asking to clarify or help out. If the author does not respond to comments then by and by the readers feel that the author is inactive at the site and will not leave comments. If the author comments then voila! People know that whatever comment they make is not falling on deaf ears. So the rate of comments will keep climbing and the author will write happily ever after.

WELL! WELL! Will you believe me if I tell you that I am eagerly waiting for comments, criticisms too are welcome.