In the world of online writing there are many sites which offer you the opportunity to write articles and earn a percentage of the revenue that they generate. Infobarrel is just one of many hundreds of such sites and a few thousand articles get added to these websites on a daily basis! Just imagine the sheer volume of information being generated by so many writers on so many different sites. So how is your article going to be read by anyone?

This is where the importance of backlinks comes in to play. Simply defined a backlink is merely a link coming back to the article that you have written from another site. Most people use social networking sites to generate back links. That is why when you write an article you tweet about it, or like it on facebook. The people on your friend list then know what you have written and can use the backlink to come and check out the article as well.

However traffic generation is just one reason for generating backlinks. Another major factor is the boost they give to the search engine results for the topic that the article is about. It is generally taken by search engines that the more backlinks coming back to an article the higher it is likely to feature in the results for a specific tag. Let us take an illustrative look at this to make it clearer. Suppose you are writing an article on a specific topic such as diabetes.

Now within diabetes there are a number of sub topics that you can be writing about. It could be about controlling your blood sugar levels or foods that you need to avoid as a diabetic patient or even how to read your blood reports. As you can imagine you are not the only person writing about these topics. A number of sites on the internet give information related to these topics. So when a person types in "diabetes" in the search engine along with "blood sugar control" he is looking for specific information.

The search engines result page will then offer him a list of sites which are about diabetes and offer information specifically related to controlling blood sugar. However even in this sub niche there can be hundreds of sites. Here the search engine sees the number of backlinks that a page has and will place the ones with more back links higher than the ones with fewer links coming back to it. The higher your ranking in the SERP the more likely you are to be on the first page of the results.

As a person who uses search engines regularly I can tell you with great conviction that if you are not featured on the first page of the search results you are not going to generate any traffic to your sites. This is why it is important to ensure that you rank well in the SERP. With the help of backlinks you can do just that. So where can you generate these important sounding back links? You have a number of options.

I have already mentioned social bookmarking sites. Another place would be your own blog if you own one. You can get a free blog from or wordpress and then write short blog posts to link to your articles providing detailed information. You can also use sites such as "she told me" or "my likes" which are essentially book marking sites. Add your article url and generate a backlink from these sites to your article.

It is not necessary for you to open up new accounts to generate backlinks. You can also go and comment on other people's blogs which are related to the same topic and generate backlinks that way. Choose blogs which already offer some related information and then leave a relevant comment with a hint of more information in your article. That way you can redirect the traffic from that blog to your article as they are specifically interested in that particular topic.