Why should you Wake up Earlier?
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     Why should you wake up earlier and not just lay in bed and squeeze every second of sleep out of the night? Only to wake up annoyed at the chiming alarm clock, starting you day irritated and in a rush. You know that if you start you day that way it tends to stay that way.  You end up flustered, stressed and with bad hair. It makes much more sense to wake up at your leisure and take your time getting ready so you can arrive at work, or wherever you are supposed to be, refreshed, relaxed and ready to take on your day. Waking up earlier can help your career and give you a brighter outlook on life; you get more sleep during the night and wake up refreshed. There are many reasons to wake up just a couple of hours early; here are just a few that can benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.

  • Head Start: By waking up early you get a head start on the world.  You can get more things done during the day, even before you leave for work and when you do arrive at the workplace, you will already be on your game while your co-workers are still waking up.
  • Relaxed: You can be more relaxed during the day because you have a good part of your day done already. Think about having caught up on your emails, worked out, updated your blog and enjoyed a good breakfast before you are even out the door. The rest of the day would be just a breeze.
  • Productivity: You get more done in those couple of hours in the early morning with no one around than you would get in four hours during the middle of the day. With no interruptions and the quiet to concentrate you will get a lot more done and be able to focus into your work like no other time of the day.
  • Catch up: You can catch up on your “to do” list; prepare the ingredients in a recipe that you might be having for dinner that day. Get all your snail mail ready for mailing, take out the garbage and pay those bills in your inbox. If you de-clutter your day, before the day even begins, you can look forward to a smooth ride for the time remaining.
  • Communicate: Getting up early will allow you time to communicate with those people in your life, making their experience of you richer and growing your social circles. You can take care of those letters to friends or colleagues; send a postcard or email birthday wishes and congratulations to the people in your life. Catch up on your facebook profile or make YouTube videos to communicate your ideas to the people you would like to connect with.  The kind of things you would never get done during the waking hours that are filled with interruptions and distractions.
  • Set goals and prioritize: The morning is the perfect time to set your goals and plan your day. You can see how everything is laid out before you and you can organize your goals for the day into a more efficient plan. During the day you can get swept away with phone calls, emails and other distractions getting in the way with your proficiency. A couple of hours of free time in the morning will allow you to get a lot of things done without distractions. If you are at all delegating tasks to other people, it is much easier to get other people’s daily tasks in control when you have your work under control.
  • Good breakfast: Most doctors will tell you that a good breakfast is the key to a productive and energy filled day. If you only have time for coffee and you are on your way out the door, you are not giving your body the nutrients it needs to make it through the day. Your brain requires nutrients for processing power so if you want to be able to think logically and apply your brain to problems, then you better feed it well.
  • See the sunrise: When you wake up early in the morning you get to see the sun rise, which is a most inspiring time of the day. Everything looks golden and new. It is one of the most beautiful times of the day and something a lot of people miss. There is something to be said for enjoying the little things in life.

     You can see there are several reasons why you should get up early in the morning. Some may resonate with you and others may not, but hopefully you can understand some of the advantages of getting up early in the morning.  There really are so many good things happening in the morning that there is not excuse not to get up. You are going to spend a lot of time sleeping after you have passed away, so why not enjoy the time you have while you stand vertical? Give it a try and make a habit of it, surely your days will be much smoother and you will get a lot more out of life. So good morning! 

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