Tidy Garden

You may from time to time seat people out raking their lawns collecting up all of the autumn leaves have fallen on their lawn and you might ask yourself why would you bother to do that? Do you not have anything better to do? Why can't you just leave the leaves to rot in to the ground naturally? There are a number of good reasons why people do collect leaves up from their lawns and this Barrel aims to answer the question why should you collect leaves up from your lawn.

Reason 1 – They Like to be Neat and Tidy

Some people collect leaves from their lawn because they don't like the look of them and have to have their lawn looking neat and tidy. What these people don't realise is that their need to have things neat and tidy is actually saving their lawn from potential lethal damage…

Reason 2 – Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Those that are aware of the damages that fall leaves can do collect the leaves to prevent this potential lethal damage to their lawn. Autumn leaves falling on your lawn can actually build up to form a tightly packed layer, this doesn't happen straightaway, what happens is you get a breezy day when all the leaves are blown from the trees which is then invariably followed by rain. The same happens again and again and it ends up forming compactor layer over your lawn. So what? You might say, so what is what that actually that layer of leaves - when it is wet - prevents air getting to your lawn and can cause un-repairable damage. Failing to collect their leaves from your lawn will result in it looking patchy having dead spots come the spring and the only way to deal with these patched would be to be reseed that area. So the second reason that people collect leaved is for the good health and maintenance of their lawn.

Reason 3 – To Create some Leaf Mould

The third reason why people collect leaves up from their lawn is to actually use the leaves to create mulch and compost to add back to the ground. Rotted leaves make a fantastic addition to any soil and really improve the condition of it, it allows water to drain more freely so the roots of your plants won't rot but at the same time it maintains just enough moisture. Making leaf mould as it is called is quite a different process to creating compost. Compost can take as little as six months to make whereas leaves take a lot longer to break down into something useful. Typically you leave your leaves in a pile for three years until you end up with some well rotted and useful matter to add back to your garden.