Facebook is becoming an incredibly valuable tool for many companies, no matter whether your business works predominantly on- or offline. But, just knowing that fact, isn't going to encourage you to get your business up on Facebook. So, here's alittle insight into exactly what opportunities Facebook has the power to open up for you.

According to the latest Facebook statistics (Correct as of August 1st, 2010):

  • There are currently 400 million active users on Facebook. That's 400 million potential new clients.
  • The average number of friends individual users have, is 130. So, one client, has the potential of drawing an average of 130 other clients to your business.
  • All together, users rack up around 500 billion minutes every single minute, using Facebook. That means that every month you have 500 billion minutes-worth of opportunity to draw people in.

Other Facts:

  • Status Updates allow you to keep your clients up-to-date with all of your news, information regarding new products/services etc. It also gives you the opportunity to chat to your customers and build up a more personal relationship. As human-beings, we like putting a face to a company/brand, but unfortunately, not many large companies are willing to do this. You can also use this to get client feedback.
  • Events allow you to inform your clients of upcoming promotions, events that you will be attending, or even competitions.
  • The Wall is where clients can post questions to you. This is great, because, if you run a salon, sometimes people are too embarrassed to come in and ask about pricing. This way, they can find out without a problem. It's also a great place for people to communicate with you to make appointments.
  • Discussions. Encourage your clients to discuss topics that are going on in your area of expertise. This could work to your advantage, as it could help shape the future of your business.
  • Recommendations are brilliant, because whenever someone uses your services and/or buys something from you, they can write a review which will then encourage others (including anyone in their Friends List), to give you a try.

Companies such as EyesLipsFace (E.L.F. Cosmetics) have gained a huge reputation in the Beauty industry, thanks to the way that they work on Facebook. E.L.F. offers promotions every time that they reach certain landmarks (100,000 fans for example!) Promotions like this encourage people to join your Fan Page, so that you can keep them up-to-dateand at certain times reward them for it.


With a lot of time and effort, you could build up an amazing Fan-Base of returning customers. Unfortunately for so many businesses, time is money and a lot of what Facebook entails, is not going to bring in money automatically for you.

Here are a few pointers, to get you on your way on Facebook

  • Create a Facebook Business page
  • Regularly update it with information regarding products and services
  • Be the human-being behind your brand
  • Create advertising for your Business Page across Facebook, targeting as specific an audience as needed.