Why is it that we Americans are so preoccupied with time? I don't really mean this in the term of being on time to a meeting, that's a given. I mean why do we always want to know what time it is! There seems to be a clock on almost every device or appliance. Then we go and add more clocks to the walls as if the clock on the oven, microwave, coffee maker, thermostat and phone aren't enough. We put an old fashioned analog clock on the wall above the window.

I quit wearing a watch YEARS ago, because it was just extra baggage. If I need to know what time it is I just look on my computer or phone that reside on my desk. Heaven forbid I'm away from my desk and need to know what time it is, then I need to pull out my cell phone. Don't want to be late!

Do we always have somewhere to be? Would it be the end of the world if we were a couple minutes late? I think alot of it is forced on us by our society. Somewhere, sometime someone started to instill in those around the conciousness of TIME. Don't be late for a meeting. Don't keep you boyfriend waiting. And this has just perpetuated itselft until we're all so time concious we're worried about being late.

Many other cultures aren't nearly as concerned about time as those of us in the US are. Much of central and south america is much more relaxed about time. Even in the US as you move away from the big cities, life becomes more relaxed and less hectic. You may argue that central and south america a third world countries and can't compete with the US on a global scale. I wouldn't argue that point, but who says the way we do things is right or better.

People from the cities go to the country to relax on the weekends and people from the country go to the cities for the weekend, but can't wait to get back to the country. So why do we subject ourselves to city life? There are plenty of reasons but it should is good to be able to decompress in the country sometimes.