Cartia Low dose SspirinThe risk of having a heart attack can be very scary. We should all do everything possible to prevent becoming another statistic from heart attack or stroke.

Years ago we were asked to take half an aspirin to help reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. Today Cartia is one of Australia's top selling low dose Aspirin. If you or a relative has a history of heart problems or stroke then your doctor may advise you to take a low dose Aspirin if you are at risk.

Aspirin helps to thin the blood therefore lowering the risk of you suffering from a stroke or heart attack.

As normal aspirin breaks up in your stomach and could affect the stomach lining with an irritation. They have made a product called Cartia which is coated with Duentric. This coating prevents it from being released in the stomach; instead it goes right down to your intestine. This will stop it from irritating your stomach lining.

How can Aspirin help prevent heart problems?

Low Dose Aspirin can help reduce the risk of heart attacks. A good diet and healthy eating can lessen the risks. Exercise combined with these will

Cardiovascular disease

This disease kills one Australian every ten minutes and affects more than 3 million other lives. This is damming news although the best part is that the doctors tell us that it is never too late to help your heart to be healthy. There are ways to improve and minimize the risk of more heart complications. To do this; you need to consult your doctor or heart specialist.

Yes, there is life after a heart attack

Once you have suffered a heart attack and return home it is important that you follow a strict Rehabilitation program from your doctor.

After suffering from a stroke

Having a stroke can be very scary. The good news is that there is help available if you follow the doctor's instructions you will reduce the risk of another stroke.

Preventing attacks and warning signs

· Pains in chest

· Pain or numbness in arms

· Tightness or heaviness in chest

· Short of breath

· Shoulder pains

If you have any signs of heart attack or stroke then go straight to the hospital or call the emergency straight away. Never hesitate, it could prove fateful.