There are literally hundreds of credit cards on the market marketed by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB and American Express. They each have their own benefits and drawbacks such as annual fees, high APRs, or a poor rewards program. However, one card stands above the pack and that is the American Express Platinum card.

Quite simply, this is the best credit card on the market but its not available for everyone. You can't just apply and get an American Express Platinum card (or AMEX Platinum) - you have to be invited by American Express after being a cardholder for some period of time. So if you want an AMEX Platinum, first apply for an AMEX card and wait until American Express sends their invitation.

So, why do you want to be invited to American Express platinum and pay $300+ in annual fees? Yes, you read that right. It costs over $300 per year for the privilege of having an American Express card. And if your wife wants one too, you have to pay $300 for her card as well. So what are all the great benefits of having an American Express Platinum card that you can't get on any other card?

1) Protection - The AMEX Platinum card protects you, the cardholder in many ways. For example, when you file a dispute on a charge, any charge, AMEX is on your side first. They do all the investigating and all the legwork - all you have to do is file a claim. Another great feature is Purchase Protection. Say you lose your brand new laptop in the first 90 days you get it? No problem - American Express will cover the entire cost of the laptop as long as you purchased it on your American Express. Or Return Protection where you can return any product you purchased to American Express if it's beyond the merchant's return policy.

2) Travel - The AMEX Platinum card is perfect for the frequent traveler because the card provides you significant travel insurance as well as baggage insurance incase your airline, and they will, lose your bag. If you fly Northwest, Delta and Continental, then you get free access to their business class lounges where free food, snacks and other benefits await you. Until a couple years ago, AMEX also had a complimentary ticket plan where you could fly anyone for free as long as you booked a business class ticket. Sadly that privilege has gone away.

3) Concierge - Need that last minute restaurant reservation? Or seats to that sold out Broadway show? Just call your AMEX's own Platinum Concierge line and they'll get that table or those tickets on your behalf. In addition, American Express invites its members to exclusive arts, sports, and fining events where you'll truly the experience the privilege of Platinum.

Even if you don't travel or eat out a lot, the American Express Platinum is still the best card you can get because of all the purchase protection you get with the card. And that's what you use your credit card for in the first place, right? Purchases. So why not make sure you're using the best card for all your credit card purchases.