The Bowl Championship Series is in place to select the 2 best college football teams and pit them against each other. This years game features the Auburn tigers and the Oregon ducks. There are three phases in every football game: offense, defense and special teams. On paper, it looks like both defenses will be severely overmatched.

With Auburns Heisman trophy winning quarterback on one side (Cam Newton) and the nations leading rusher on the other (LaMichael James) there certainly won't be any shortage of offense for either side. During the regular season, Oregon led the nation in points scored with 589 and Auburn was a close second with 561. You need to bring all your supplies, (beer, sodas, chips, dips, etc.etc.) and set your DVR or you will miss something. Then again with these 2 offenses why worry, something else will happen in a minute, probably less right?

The two teams combined averaged 92.3 points a game. Really, I'm not making that number up. That means that over 1.5 points scored by somebody every minute! If you go back to 2008, Oklahoma and Florida averaged an even more mind boggling 94.7 points a game . That game featured 2 future NFL quarter backs and assorted NFL players at other positions. The final score between those two lethal offenses? Florida 24 Oklahoma 14. Didn't exactly break the scoreboard did they? Ah, but Auburn and Oregon are different.

These two offenses are built around reading what the defense, or in some cases, individual defenders are doing. It's simple for the offense. Figure out where the defense is going and go somewhere else. The key is in confusing the defense so they don't know where the play is heading. When an offense has monstrous weapons like Newton or James plus all the other talent these teams have, what can you do to stop plays that are really 3 or 4 plays in one depending on what you do on defense?

Cal shut Oregon down by playing strict assignment football. What I mean by that is depending on where a particular player goes dictates where the defender goes. You've got to have athletes and sure tacklers to play this way but you can successfully defend read-option teams. It can be done and Auburn has the types of athletes to do it.

Lets look on the other sideline. Auburn was almost as dominant, although they had several close calls. The Cam Newton show was up to the task each time though. With over a month to prepare it just won't be easy against the Oregon defense. Not rated highly, the ducks defense did do one thing very well. It made you pay with turnovers when you made a mistake.

Both offenses are loaded and both defenses will be prepared. It really should be a great, entertaining football game but it won't be a 45-42 game. I think it'll be closer to 24-14. I'll bring the popcorn.