Apple Sucks(81639)

Introducing you to... the truth!

   All you iPhanboys out there, this may be too hard for you to take in, and it may even break your heart, but you need to know the truth. (Don’t worry; I do have a MacBook Pro and an iPhone in my house) Oh, how perfect they were. They were the gods of computers. Too bad I began to think rationally for once. A MacBook Pro costs approx. $1800 which is overpriced. It's very restricted to Apples liking, loads of compatibility issues, and it’s full of lies. 

Overpriced? Of course.

     It's obviously overpriced $1800 for parts you can't even replace. There isn't even Blu-Ray disc reader! $900. Pretty much same as a MacBook Pro, Graphic Cards and the such, i7 processor, but here’s the best part other than the fact its half the price. You can replace all the parts! Isn't that great? The other thing is, if your totally in love with the Mac OS, you can dual boot it and make it a Hackintosh. It’s when you get the Mac OS to run on unsupported computers, in this case, the PC. Now everyone is happy! Although, there might be some driver problems and you will void your warranty, which is if you really want a hackintosh.

Your not in control.

     "Can I use something other than iTunes? No. Please? No." The Mac's firmware is pretty restrictive. As well as the hardware, because you really can't do much other then put stickers on the top. At the most you can add RAM/Switch the hard drive but that’s it. If your battery dies, it’s dead. Might as well send it back to apple for $200 so replace it with a $50 battery. You’re in Apple's Jail; they're in control, not you. The uses for this are limited. You have the General day-to-day stuff, and Video/Photo editing which is nice. But apart from that, its uses aren’t really specialized towards anything else.

Compatibility issues

     Compatibility; when it comes to gaming, the Mac loses instantly, because Windows are made for gaming. Many hardcore gamers have Custom Built PC's or at least PC's with parts changed. Custom built PC's usually are installed with Windows because it’s much harder to get a Hackintosh on it, including driver problems, and lots of other issues. Gaming for Macs isn’t favored upon. Many applications aren't supported for Mac's because most people program for Windows. Recoding it for Mac takes a long time, but it’s becoming more popular now.

     Yep, I didn't forget the best part! The case! Simply look at this.

Case is beautiful

This is the truth; it looks so good you don’t even notice the actual operating system.

Can't get viruses? Think again.

Next up, system vulnerabilities. Who said the Mac was invulnerable to viruses. Then what is this?  For anyone who thinks macs can't be infected, think again. All systems have their vulnerabilities and can be exploited. Having a Mac won't protect you from viruses anymore, too bad. I forgot, there are new viruses coming for mac, every day! Another lie is about the battery life. Steve Jobs said it was 7 hours, yet on the real tests, it was only 5. WHAT! YOU LIED TO ME! Oh wait, its apple, that's their game.

Bottom line

     Simply put it I do want to say that this netbook is pretty amazing. Other than the price and some other things, it's pretty good. There are better alternatives though, and are worth more in the long run. The MacBook Pro may be flashy, but it’s not the best bang for your buck. But to be honest, the Windows OS is just as isn’t the god of computers either. Linux is a competitor though. Do some research and find out what you like instead of just buying it for the looks.

*When I'm talking about a Mac, I'm talking hardware & software for all you techies who love to flame.