Playstation 3 Motion Controller

Interactive Gaming Systems

While the Nintendo Wii and the Microsoft Xbox Kinect are great systems in their own right, the Playstation 3 Move pushes the boundaries of fun to new levels. The PS3 Move combines the best of the Wii and the Kinect into a single system for the ultimate gaming experience.

Motion Sensing Controller

By combining a handheld motion sensing controller with a video camera, Sony has managed to raise the bar in interactive gaming. The PS3 Move Motion Controller combines a three-axis linear accelerometer with a three-axis angular rate sensor to accurately measure the motion of the controller as the player moves through space. One of the great things this allows the PS3 Move to do is to measure the wrist motion of the player.

To see how superior this is to interactive gaming, let's discuss the Xbox Kinect for a moment. The Kinect is a great and entertaining system, but it only approximately measures the player and their movement through space. The Kinect is able to detect and track the player's hands, but the system does not know how the hand is orientated in relation to your motion. So for example, when bowling, the Kinect cannot measure your wrist motion in order to determine how the spin would affect the motion of the bowling ball. Instead, you have to move your arm to the right, which translates into unnatural motion in how a person actually bowls.

With the Motion Controller used for PS3 Move Games, the wrist motion is accurately measured providing for more realistic game play. When playing Boece Ball on the PS3 Move for example, ball spin is a very important component. The player is capable of putting backspin on the ball to avoid rolling off a ledge, for example.

In addition to accurate motion measurements, the PS3 Move allows a single user to utilize two controllers - providing very accurate movement detection for both hands. This adds for an even more realistic game play.

PS3 Move Games

The unprecedented accuracy of the PS3 Move provides for a wide range of gaming possibilities. The controller allows games that mimics the movement of the player, allows the player the ability to hold weapons and sports rackets, and even very accurate simulation of shooter games. The future capabilities of systems like the Playstation Move have not yet even been thought of.