Quoted by UFC’s manager Dana White, Kimbo Slice was said never to step foot inside the octagon.  Being the name and face that the UFC had worked so long to prove that it was not, Kimbo Slice began making his name by beating up random non-trained fighters on the streets.  Attempting to make the reputation that the UFC was not the barbaric street warrior scenario that people thought it was from the beginning, Dana White refused to let Kimbo set foot inside the octagon.

Apparently something became lost in translation.  As Kimbo continued to grow as an internet sensation, bullying people in back alleys, the announcement was made that Kimbo would be allowed onto the show.  Not only was he to be allowed onto the show, but he seemed to be the main publicity for it as he became featured in many of the running ads and commercials. 

Pushing the poster child for something that UFC tried so desperately to prove it wasn’t, just so they could reach out to a new fan base, came as almost offensive to true fight fans everywhere.   


This mistake soon became apparent.  As Kimbo proved fight fans everywhere correct by lying on the ground like a dead fish, it was obvious that a well-rounded game was a much needed criteria in order to fight on one of the top MMA stages in the world. 



HOLD ON…..This isn’t where it ends though.  Laying down and being embarrassed by REAL fighters during the show, Kimbo was quickly eliminated.  Soon after the show, Kimbo Slice was given YET ANOTHER FIGHT inside the octagon in order to let him redeem himself.  This was again a failure.  Not being able to place Kimbo up against anyone that even considered having a ground game, the UFC then paired him up with the outdated fighter knows as Tank Abbott. .........REALLY?  Now things have officially become a joke.



It goes to show that simply because a man has large arms, a beard, and is capable of beating up random people in boat yards, that it does not translate into being a well-rounded fighter deserving of UFC publicity.  Honestly, strike up a fight conversation with anyone out there that claims to be a Kimbo slice fan.  You will find that 99% of them know absolutely nothing about the sport or its roots.  Why the UFC would go back to proving its barbaric point to so many others just to pull in a few fight fans that know nothing about the sport anyway is far beyond me.  I guess the love for the money is beginning to outweigh the love for the game in Dana’s eyes.