The Tamil song "Why this Kolaveri Di" from the film "Three"

The new song from the Tamil film “Three” has captured the imagination of the Indian youth. The release of the song was accidental but nonetheless it has made more than 20 lakh (2 million) hits on major social networking sites such as YouTube and FaceBook. The film will be released in 2012 stars Kamal Hassan’s daughter and Dhanush who already is a popular actor. The music is to be marketed by Sony Music (India) and soon a proper version is to be released. The song has made it Google trends and is competing with Lady Gaga.

The song has been sung by Dhanush who also happens to be the son-in-law of Tamil film hero Rajnikant. Although Dhanush is an actor and not a singer, he has lent this voice in this song. Perhaps one of the reasons for this songs success is that, it has not been sung by a professional singer hence making it more appealing.

According to a famous Indian music lyrist, he said on his blog that he decided to check out the Tamil song it out for myself and headed for a video sharing site, heard the video but did not think much of it. But as he heard the song again, it clicked and then realized why this song had been a major hit among the people in India.

The song to a causal listener would seem silly and simple at the same time. Many would not even make out why this song is such a major hit. No doubt that the wacky lyrics are the cause of its popularity. The background of the movie and the track is that the youngsters who are singing this song have been ill treated in love and the music signifiers those who are unlucky in love.

The song has been played not only on Tamil radio stations in Tamil Nadu but across the entire Indian nation. The response amongst movie goers and music lovers has been amazing. It has even attracted major stars from Bollywood.

The reasons for its success of “Why this Kolaveri Di Song” are that of its simplicity. The lyrics are no brainer, it is just simple but catchy. There is no doubt the listeners are able to connect to the music instantly. The music has everything, simplicity, wacky that clings to the tongue. Secondly the words used for the song are very simple and the very words are used in everyday life by the Tamil people. Thirdly, the lyrics are very funny as well. As one listens to the tune, it is evident that a love stricken person is trying to sing this song in a humorous way. 

Another interesting fact is that although lots of words are in Tamil, English have also been used for the song. Both the languages have been fused in such way that a new version of Tamil emerges something what is now termed as “Tanglish” or a fusion of Tamil and English. This very version is used quite widely amongst the Tamil youth hence a quick association with the tune. 

Why This Kolaveri Di Full Song Promo Video in High Definition