Eiffer Tower(164073)

Paris is the capital city of France and also considered as a city for lovers. Populary known due to the many museums, cinema halls, coffee shops, hotels, parks and the famous Eifer Tower.

Eifer Tower

eifer tower

 A couple near the Eifer Tower

This is one of the most attractive structures in Paris with an estimated height of 325m. The iconic structure is visited by thousands of viewers all over the world in each year. Climbing The Eifer Tower is a great experience where you enjoy the beautiful scenery of Paris city. Climbing the tower can be on foot if you are that adventurous person or take a lift. Some take the advantage of the tower to propose for marriages which is pretty good idea. Dinner is served at the Jules Verne restaurant at the Eiffer Tower as the guest shares views concerning the unique tower.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg(164075)

This garden is considered to be one of the largest gardens in the world popular with couples. Its full of flowerbeds and very beautiful mounted statues. Its a perfect place for relaxation mostly during the weekends. Wikipedia.

Square du Vert Gallant


Nicknamed “where sweetheart love to linger’’ because of its popularity with couples. In this park, you relax under the trees and watch boats move by on the seine. Sitted here with the one you love makes every single day like valentines day!

Victoria Palace Hotel

victoria palace

Your visit to Paris is not complete without you visiting the Royal Victoria Palace hotel. Best known for it's french dishes,magnificent spas, ever beautiful rooms decorated in the Louis XVI style and the marble bathrooms.



Its one of the most famous streets in the world also known as The most beautiful avenue in the world. It is lined with trees that displays very beautiful lights during the evenings which am sure you will love to watch . The street is popular with cinema hall, restaurants and coffee shops.



This site is located on the northern part of Paris near a hill.It is popular with couples because of the breath taking views of the city at a higher ground. It's street is full of coffee shops and cinema halls where many city dwellers love to spend much of the evening time. 

La Tour d' Argent


Have you ever had a taste of the French dishes served in the La Tour d’Argent ?The restaurant building is approximated to be more than 400 years. Its a popular spot with couples during the evenings and weekends. Loved due to its location in the city and the wide variety of french dishes.

Basilica Sacre-Coeur


When I mention the Basilica Sacre-Coeur I know its quite familiar. It's popular due to its large Parisian standards and its repeated bomb attacks without even a single casualties. Pay some few Euros and have a chance to climb the famous Basilica Sacre-Coeur.