The stability ball has many functions. It can help to facilitate the neuromuscular system, increase core strength, balance, and posture. Most commonly, it is used as a bench during exercise but it can also be used while sitting at a desk or watching TV. By doing so you receive the benefits of both better posture, core strength, and endurance without putting much thought into it. You will also increase your total caloric expenditure at rest.

Other benefits of sitting on the ball include:

  • It creates attention and opens channels for the perception of one's own sensation.
  • It allows active-dynamic, and therefore, mobile sitting.
  • It is the ideal training apparatus for the improvement of the endurance of sitting and postural muscles.
  • As a dynamic balance apparatus, it improves sensory perception, especially of changes in gravity or rather changes in the center of gravity. It acts as a stimulus for regulation of posture.
  • It allows, through active pumping mechanism an alternate loading and unloading of disks, which is of great importance for the nutrition and proper functioning of the disk's tissue.
  • It improves, via improved blood circulation the effectiveness of all the organ systems, especially the brain, which undoubtedly is of interest to teachers.