Per Diem Advantages and Disadvantges for the Employer and Contractor

Per Diem Advantages and Disadvantges for the Employer and Contractor

Advantages for the employer. There are many advantages for the employer in using per diem services. Per diem employees allow a smaller business to grow and cover last minute needs without having to hire a full time associate. There are many different types of per diem services available.

If you were to enter the term westchester per diem attorney in Google (I live in Westchester), you'd see many different per diem services available. There are attorneys, nurses, onsite technician jobs, and the list goes on and on. In addition, there are hundred of temp agencies that cover this area. Many temp agencies have been around for a long time and provide per diem work for all types of businesses. You can find temp agencies that specialize in many types of businesses including medical, technical, legal, and clerical.

Let's take for example, the use of a per diem lawyer for a small law firm. This small firm occasionally has a conference 25 miles away in Long Island. This firm also needs to handle trials occasionally, but doesn't have much experience with trial work. Sometimes a bunch of cases come in at once and there is overflow work. All these issues can be handled by a per diem lawyer. With a little time on the internet and a few phone calls, this small firm can solve all these problems.

While on an hourly basis, a per diem employee will usually cost more than a full time employee, this is more than made up for in other cost and time savings. For one thing, the employer will not have a recurring salary week after week. He or she also will not be dealing with issues such benefits, withholdings and far more complicated tax returns.

Disadvantages for the employer. While a per diem employee has many financial advantages, the biggest disadvantage is the nature of per diem work. For example, a per diem lawyer will not be as familiar with a case or trial he or she is assigned. It is therefore critical that a per diem employee be give necessary instructions and information to complete a task. Often times, employers complain that the work of per diem employees is subpar without first looking at the amount of training or support that was given to complete the job satisfactorily.

Advantages for the Per Diem Employee. For one thing, a self employed per diem contractor should get paid more on an hourly basis than if employed at most firms. There is also a great advantage to being one's own boss. You can take the work you want and the work changes from day to day. As a full time or even part time associate, you will be dealing with the same clients and situations for months if not years on end. While those choosing to work at a temp agency will not have all of these advantages, they will have the additional advantage of a means to pay the bills with no long term commitment. These can be excellent jobs for people in transition who are looking for a new career. Temp jobs can lead to full time jobs, or they can fill a gap while waiting for the ideal full time opportunity.

Disadvantages for the per diem worker. While making more per hour is appealing, self employed per diem contractors must also must spend additional time running a business. They must learn and apply basic business and marketing skills to get enough work per week to meet income needs. He or she also has to provide benefits, do business taxes, and forget about paid vacations. For many the advantage of being one's own boss and potentially setting one's own hours is worth it.


More and more people are working for themselves every year. The nature of the internet is making this easier and easier. Per diem work is a trend that will only continue to grow. When done correctly it can be a great opportunity for all involved. If you are in need of westchester per diem attorney services, be sure to look me up.