Nowadays, physicians often warn us about deficiencies in our vitamin levels. They do everything to inform us what are required minimums for each and every vitamin that needs to be included in our diets. They reinforce this message with descriptions of what may happen should we neglect a proper diet. One of these vitamins is vitamin D. Although it appears to be one of the more important substances in our bodies there are still many things we do not know about it. What is known, though, is that without it, our body is unable to function properly.


This substance is very often called a sunshine vitamin, because of the fact that it is produced by our skin when the amount of sunlight reaching it is adequate. What is its role in our bodies, though? To begin with, scientists are absolutely sure that a proper amount of this substance helps to keep our bones in a good condition. That is why yoghurts for children, apart from calcium, very often contain this vitamin so as to strengthen their skeletons. Another benefit of providing a body with this substance is decreasing the risk of the development of multiple sclerosis. It is a very dangerous illness that can severely impair the ability to move around or even render a person completely dependent on others. Thirdly, there is a pretty consistent evidence that vitamin D strengthens an immune system as well. This is very important for everyone as a healthy immune system means less illnesses. Scientists have also limited evidence for other beneficial effects of this substance on our bodies. One of them is that this vitamin helps reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases occurring. However, there is no clear proof that would confirm this statement for sure.


What do we risk if we neglect our diet? An insufficient amount of vitamin D in our bodies weakens the structure of bones, leading to various bone softening diseases, such as rickets or osteomalacia. Both of these illnesses are rather serious in their nature and are very difficult to cure, provided they can be cured in the first place which not always is the case.


Therefore, where we can find this vitamin? The primary source of it has been already mentioned: the Sun. Our skin synthesizes this substance when it is in contact with sun rays. That is why it is is vital to have a healthy walk once in a while. When it comes to food, fish seem to be the best source of this substance. Many kinds of fish contain a significant amount of this vitamin. That is yet another reason to include this type of food in our diets. Apart from fish, this vitamin can be also found in eggs and beef livers. Finally, we can always buy a supplement in a drug store.


In conclusion, the sunshine vitamin is vital for the proper development of our skeletons. Moreover, it helps in keeping us healthy as it boosts the efficiency of our immune systems. However, just like the majority vitamins, it should not be overdosed.