It is amazing how many "nice guys" see what is going on around them, but does not have a certain intellect when it comes to women. Time and time again they are dumbfounded at the sight of jerks getting all the attention from hot women while the hot women run to their nice guy friends to complain about the jerk. Even though the logic is backwards, some illogic in this world IS logic, and attraction is one of them. The world has been sold a bill of goods as far as "romance" and "love" are concerned. As a results of romance novels, television, and the femenist movement, the male has been taught to express his "feelings" and kill the "brute" of a man inside him. What is the result? Men who wear the skirt, and women who wear the pants in relationship. The way jerks treat women seem illogical because society has made men BELIEVE that it is illogical. All the while NATURE has and always will be logical, and that is what nice guys are witnessing, NATURE. Not society's twisted logic, but nature's logic. It makes sense that women would be attracted to MEN, which the jerk portrays better than the nice guy, who acts like WOMAN. A lot of men today don't know how a man is supposed to act, or society has fabricated what a man is supposed to be. Men are supposed to be strong, be in control, be a leader, be dominate, not show weakness, not cry in public, etc. Men are NOT supposed to look weak, laugh like a little school girl, let people disrespect him, let the woman control the relationship, walk, talk and act like a woman etc. Jerks are closer to men. Nice guys are closer to women. So no matter how much society tells a nice guy how to treat women, a woman's nature will get the best of her in the end. Unfortunately for nice guys, technology is making worse for them. By nature women already need drama and stimulation, it is who they are. Welcome to the 21st century, were you have every bit of stimulation you can get your hands on. Movies, theme parks, clubs, television, dvds, ipods, cell phones, cruise ships, internet etc. The world is on stimulation steroids. Yet people are still bored, especially women. Just as you take a certain amount of drugs for a while, you will need to take MORE to top your last high that has become ineffective. As the world provides more stimulation, the stimulation will have to increase and become greater. Enter hot female. She needs her fix of stimulation and pleasure most of the time. How is she going to do that? By being around things and people that are stimulating, a.k.a. NOT BORING. All nice guys guys do for her is bring her high down by being boring. She NEVER wants boring in her life, she wants fun and excitement, which the jerks of the world supply her with. If you see and observe most men nowadays, they are mostly afraid and boring. They are afraid to say what they feel, they are afraid to say what they think, and they are afraid to do what they want. In an increasingly unstable and scary planet, women are starving for men who display strength and seem unafraid. Well, the jerks of the world is exactly what the doctor ordered. Certainly it is only people who are unafraid that will say outlandish things no matter who hears it. An afraid person will NEVER do it. In conclusion, in a woman's mind, nice guy= weak and jerk= strong, no matter how much of a good person you think you are. Its only the athletes that go above and beyond in there training that reach the top. Its only bold men who don't mind looking like an absolute fool in front of people that will attract hot women.