You won’t make friends as easy

Chances are when you have a boyfriend or girlfriend your freshman year of college you won’t make many friends. You will be spending a lot of time with your significant other. You won’t go to that many events where you can meet new people on campus. You won’t meet many people that live on your floor with you, because you will be spending too much time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. 

Your roommate will be irritated with you

When you have a boyfriend or girlfriend during your freshman year of college, chances are you will be living in the dorms with a roommate. Your roommate may become irritated with you for several reasons. First off, your significant other will probably be spending a good amount of time in your room. Your roommate will want to study, hangout with friends and sleep with out your boyfriend or girlfriend always around. Secondly, your roommate does not want to hear about all of the problems you are having in your relationship. They may be willing to listen when you first bring it up, but after some time they just don’t want to hear about your problems anymore. Finally your roommate will get tired of you coming in late each night after spending time with your girlfriend or boyfriend. They just want to sleep, because they have a 8:00 a.m. class the next morning. 

You won’t have friends if and when you break up

When you have a boyfriend or girlfriend right away your freshman year, you will most likely be making friends with the same people as your boyfriend or girlfriend. This can be a problem when having the same friend group. If you break up, you will not have friends of your own to confide in. You will be lonely and lost after your break up, because you will have no friends. 

You won’t get to experience independence 

College is all about finding your new independence, discovering, and trying new things for yourself. It is also a time of self growth and learning. When you have a girlfriend or boyfriend your first year of college, you don’t always experience this new independence. You end up following your partner around, and do what they want to do. You will never go to a party, or football game with just a group of friends, or by yourself, you will end up doing everything with your girlfriend or boyfriend.