Owning a stairlift is an invaluable asset for your home because it is one of the most useful assistive lifting devices that are available for the elderly and handicapped. It's price has gone down significantly over the years because of improvement in technology and cheaper manpower costs. As most of the major manufacturers of handicap lifting devices take their production to countries such as China and India, consumers have benefitted the most. Now a new stairlift only costs less than $3000 and if you do not mind the second hand versions, they can go as low as $1000.

You may wonder what exactly are the benefits of owning a home stairlift and if you, in the first place, needs one. Basically, if your family has a member who is unable to climb the staircases due to age problems, injury or disability, then you will need the stair lift to help them move between lower and higher floors within the home. The users will be sitting on the chair that extends out from the stair lift track system and be ferried up along the rail system. You can be assured of the safety of the stair lift because it has been accredited by industry professionals to be safe for people with special needs. In fact, they can control the stair lift themselves without much hassle as it is very user friendly and has good and simple control systems. Users just need to sit on the chair and strap themselves up before turning the sytem on. Most of the modern stair lift will be able to detect if the user is safely secured before it can start running.

If you wish to maximize the value of the stairlift, then you have to perform regular maintenance and replacement of the important parts of the lifts. As stairlifts usually have problems after the first two years of usage, the cost of engaging repair service and changing crucial components will cost a lot. The time it takes to replace rare parts will also be long. During this period, you will not be able to use the stairlift and have to carry the user up the stairs manually. Therefore, you should try to get a longer period of warranty for your stairlift and clarify the coverage to include parts and onsite support.

However, people with special needs still belong to a niche market which makes it quite difficult for genuine buyers of lifting devices to find the best deals. You can try your luck with dealers of electric wheelchairs and other similar products, it is likely that they will sell the stairlifts in their shops too.