If you've ever made new years resolutions then eating better has probably been one of them. We should include drinking better also. The choices we make daily of what to drink with and between the meals we eat have a huge impact on our waist lines and our health.

On average, a 12 ounce can of soft drink has 40 grams of sugar in it. We are all familiar with those little packets of sugar we see on restaurant tables. They contain around 4 grams of sugar in each. That's a lot of sugar for you to consume each time you drink a soda. The fact that almost all restaurants, whether they are a "fast food" chain or a "casual dining" establishment, subscribe to a bigger is better or the bottomless cup mentality doesn't help us in our quest to lose weight. Soda was used in the past to clean rust off of metal! Do you really want to ingest something with that much acidity in it?

You could switch to juice. 100% fruit juice is certainly healthier than sodas right? Fruit juice still contains a lot of sugar although you get fructose not glucose. Fructose is a slower burning carbohydrate and doesn't trigger your bodies insulin response so if you are concerned about diabetes it is a better choice than sodas in that regard. It still contains calories though and those are calories that need to be burned or they'll be stored as fat in the body. It's still carbohydrates and if you consume to many carbs your body can convert them to cholesterol.

Water is truly what nature intended for us to drink. Our bodies are more than 60% water. Natural spring or purified water will quench your thirst without all the sugar and carbonation or acids of other drinks. Often, what are actually thirst signals, we mistake for hunger pangs. If for no other reason than that we should drink water to help us lose weight but that's not where waters benefits end.

Nearly every biological activity that takes place in your body utilizes water. If you don't supply yourself with enough then your body slows down. We've established that your body is over 60% water. Your muscles are over 70% water. Why is that important? Your muscles are the fat burning engine of your body. You can see that water plays a vital role in metabolism and dehydration is your enemy. If your serious about being healthier or losing weight then drinking more water has to be a large part of your program.