If there is one thing missing from your workout what would you say it is? For most, I believe it is powerlifting. Powerlifting incorporates bench press, deadlifts, and squats for a combination that will provide you with more time, intensity, and progression. 

More Work In Less Time

Everyone wants more free time, and powerlifting can give that to you. 

You don't need marathon workout sessions to see results, you just need to train smart and powerlifting movements get an A+ for their effectiveness.

 Bench press, squats, and deadlifts are known as compound movements. In other words, you are incorporating more than one muscle throughout the entire movement. 

By focusing more on these compound movements you can spend less time on single muscle groups. 



If there is one area I find that most lack in their workouts it's intensity. Often you'll find the business man on the leg extension machine swinging 20 pounds around, all the while responding to his emails and text messages. Or the mom thumbing through her gossip mag on the stairmaster. 

I wouldn't expect either of the two to stick with their workouts for very long.

The remedy for this ongoing sickness is intensity, and the best way to ramp up the intensity is through powerlifting. Benchpress, squats and deadlifts all need complete focus to make sure you get the weight up and do not hurt yourself in the process. So in other words focus=intensity. Separate yourself from those things acting to hinder your workout and devote yourself to the brief time you are in the gym.

Power Lifting calls upon your complete focus resulting in more intensity. Many of the best bodybuilder's will agree that intensity is the number one factor for growth. A prime example is Mike Mentzer. 


Goal Setting

You'll often find that your gym gets a bit more crowded around new years time, but by March there are cobwebs collecting on the stationary bikes and tumbleweeds brushing against your leg. The major cause of this occurring theme is that those whom decide to commit to the gym make their reasons for going all too ambiguous.

Have you ever said to yourself "This is it! This time I'm committing to getting fit!" But then stop after a few weeks. Well if you've answered yes, then your problem lies in the fact that you don't have properly defined goals. Powerlifiting aims to fix this problem.

There is only a certain amount of weight we can lift, press, and pull and powerlifitng moves will definitely define these limits for you. However, even though starting out you won't able to lift as much as you'd like, tracking your progress is very simple. If you've bench pressed 130 pounds last week for 5 reps and this week you can bench press 135 pounds for 5 reps you've made instant progress. 

That's the magic behind powelifting. You set a goal for how much you want to lift and then work toward that goal each workout. It's easy to keep going to the gym when you continually improve. 



For more time, better progress, and a want to keep coming back to the gym consider adding powerlifting movements into your workout routine.