About six months ago I was playing floor hockey in a recreational league in my home town.  About half way throught the game a player from the other team tried to score a goal from his half way.  I was playing defense and I tried to block the shot with my stick.  Instead of it hitting my stick it hit me square in the balls.  I dropped to the floor and I heard a gasp from the sidelines.  I went off the court, it was hurting for about five minutes and then the game was over and I quickly forgot about it.  About six weeks later it was time for a routine check up with the doctor.  I explained what had happened to her and she scheduled for me to have a testicular ultrasound.  While I was at the ultrasound the technician said she had found something on my right hand testicle and that I would have to be examined by the radiology specialist.  The specialist came over and said that they had found a lump and that it was quite large in relative size to my right testicle.  They couldn't tell me anymore and said that I would have to discuss the results with my doctor.

I was worrying for about two weeks until I saw my doctor who confirmed that it was a lump and that whilst it could be a bruise from the game, that it also could be testicular cancer.  Images flooded my head of the man on fight club the movie that had testicular cancer and what I would become if I had it.  I started reading up about it straight away and found that it is usually found in men between the ages of 25 to 35, and that because I was 29 years old I was right in the prime zone for the cancer occuring.  The doctor told me because I lived in Canada they took this type of cancer very seriously and if the lump appeared on my next ultrasound (within six weeks) then my right testicle would be removed.  If I didn't get it removed and it was a cancer the lump would get bigger and more painful and possibly spread to the other testicle which would result in all the terrible things that are on fight club the movie.  Whilst a lot of men survive testicular cancer, leaving the problem longer just results in more treatment being used for instance radiotherapy and chemotherapy which is more painful and can leave the immune system weakened.  So go get those balls checked before you lose a nut.