Why you should go to Hungary for your next vacation
Credit: Credit: © Aureli | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

Let me give you 4 excellent reasons for considering Hungary as the destination for your next vacation:

1) Shopping pays for your plane ticket

Yes, you read that correctly. The big Hungarian cities, and in particular Budapest, sport plenty of shopping centers and clothing stores, where prices tend to be so low that your savings will typically amount to more than the price of a continental plane ticket. All you have to do is simply go for a day of shopping in Budapest instead of at home.

Bonus tip: If you visit Budapest in July, you'll visit during the sales season so prices will be even lower!

2) The food is excellent

Hungarians love their food, and it shows. You'll find restaurants, ranging from small and simple to places for fine and luxurious dining. The food is excellent, and you can treat your entire family to a great meal for less than what you'd pay for yourself at home.

Not into foreign dishes? No problem, you'll find plenty of pizza and pasta restaurants too.

3) Delicious ice-cream for the kids

Every parent knows how annoying it can be if you're trying to enjoy your holiday and the kids just keep nagging for ice-cream all day. Well, in Hungary, you'll find an ice cream vendor on almost every street corner during summer. They have dozens of different flavors, both the classic ones you know and like, such as chocolate, vanilla or strawberry, but also more exotic ones like grapefruit or what they call 'heavy chocolate'. On top of that, a scoop of ice costs less than a dollar so prepare for all-day carefree ice cream consumption. 

4) The scenery is beautiful

From the national parks in the East, over the capital Budapest in the North to the lake Balaton region in the South-West, Hungary is an amazing country. You'll find wild, untamed nature, beautiful farm lands and medieval cities filled with buildings of great historical significance. Fans of princess Sisi in particular should pay attention in Budapest and make sure to visit the various locations where Sisi resided during her stay in Hungary.

So get ready, and discover the wonders of Hungary!