Don't let others influence you

We learn from an early age that we need to take directions and do what people tell us to do.  Think about it...

  • We are told to go to school everyday.  If we don't we get in trouble and get bad grades.  If you get bad grades, you may be grounded, or unable to get into college.
  • We go to college because someone tells us that it is the key to becoming successful and getting a good job.  
  • After college we take a desk job working 9-5 because that is what society is telling you is the right thing to do

My point here is not that college is bad by any means.  College gave me a great education, a great experience, the opportunity to study, learn, and figure things out for myself.  But it did little in the aspect of helping me find out what I wanted to do after college.  So I did what I had learned my entire life... take directions and do what everyone else does. Fit in.

I remember being in middle school and wanting to fit in so bad.  I actually thought it mattered what you wore to school, how much cologne you sprayed on each morning, and trying hard in school was out the window because it wasn't "cool."  

As you go through life, you start to realize that the ones that are most successful, are the crazy ones.  Steve Jobs and Bill Gates for instance, college dropouts.  More importantly, these guys did not want to conform.

Conforming and following directions is what we have been taught to do.  What we should be doing is being ourselves, and doing our own thing.  Letting others influence how we think, how we act, where we hang out, and what we do is not the way to becoming successful.  You've got to do what you want to do to become the best person you can become.

Quit worrying about what others are doing, or where they are going.  When you start to focus on what you need to do each day to become successful, that's when you will start seeing your life change for the better.