People often wish to know the meanings of their dreams. They will look into dream definition books and search for their dream meanings online. This is a good way to figure out the meanings behind individual dreams. However, keeping a dream diary is an excellent way to keep steady track of your dreams, which means you will be able to find even deeper meanings.

Certain features of our dreams are symbols that can be interpreted more effectively when you are able to look at the whole picture, that is, the collection of dreams in your diary. Dreams are reflections of our subconscious. We dream what we are thinking, what we are worried about, what we love. Some people even believe our dreams predict the future, such as warnings against untrustworthy people or problems at work. People have used their dreams to help them for thousands of years, including in the advanced society of the ancient Greeks and beyond.

Buy a small notebook from a dollar store and keep it next to your bed. When you wake each morning (or middle of the night if a nightmare has woken you), write down any and all details you can recall from your dreams. It is much easier to record them as soon as you wake, because once your day starts, your memory of your nocturnal adventures fades quickly.

Dedicate an entire page or two to your dreams. Leave space to fill in any details you have forgotten but may remember later. Also, don’t be afraid to speculate on your own what your dreams mean. You know yourself better than anyone else, and besides, some images may symbolize different things for you than they do for the other internet users who are using search engines to find the same things.

For example, a dream interpretation website may tell you that dreaming of a snake means you are thinking of sex. But you may have had a personal experience with a snake, and know the snake in your dream represents that experience, and has nothing at all to do with sex.

Keeping a dream diary is a fun and easy way to pay close attention to your dreams and what they signify in your life. Often we hold the answers to our own questions, but do not trust ourselves. A dream diary may tell you exactly what is going on with your inner self.