Look EVE is a great game. I mean it is the ultimate Sandbox experience. However, that is where the praise stops. EVE may be a sandbox experience, but the faults of the game far outway the pros. EVE allows players complete choice, you can do anything you want, go anywhere you want, be anything you want. EVE players frequently make corporations and attempt to become powers in the cut and stab galaxy they inhabit.

In this galaxy you are more than likely to get killed by a stab friendly bandit hiding in common space. Once your ship is destroyed, the marauders will often steal all of your stuff and then kill your escape pod and make you suffer a penalty at the cloning facility. A good friend of mine, Maldorae (a former EVE player) is indifferent on the current state of EVE, but when i sat down with him to interview him for this article he stated, "You can only remain competitive in it if you give your life to it" This is completely true. I live with another EVE player who has given his life to the game, but still isn't flying some of the bigger ships in the game or running a corporation. You have to be a competitve player if you want to get anywhere in EVE.

The most notable players are the ones who run corporations. Their endgame often consists of them stealing everything in the Corporation account and then quitting the game. For the corporations underlings and mid-range officers this is an end to their existance. The corporation that they belong to no longer exists. All of their holdings are gone and the wealth of the corporation doesn't exist anymore. This is a terrible experience for EVE players in those corporations, your upper echelon officers have abandoned you, you have lost everything and now you are a space destitute.

EVE is all about backstabbing, whether that be stabbing your allies, friends, or enemies. In EVE only the biggest liars and cheats can play. They have to be competitve and devote their life to the game if they want to achieve anything. The old saying goes "keep your enemies close, but your friends closer" That saying is true for EVE.