I would never be in a hurry to encourage anyone to start writing especially if they are thinking of making money off it. It is a tough world and I don`t think many people understand how tough and stressful writing can be. Here are some reasons why I will not be in a hurry to encourage someone to start writing:

  1. It`s tough to get published
  2. It`s challenging to make money off writing. C`mon there are so many good writers out there
  3. You already have a part-time or full-time job. Why would you want to add writing to your list of troubles
  4. You don`t have time to research your materials before writing
  5. Aha! You still need to market your materials. Who ever thought writing and marketing go hand in hand
  6. Writers block! You seem to have it more times than you ever think to write
  7. Your grandma once told you that you will never be a good writer

Now before you crucify me, please keep reading. I love writing and just started writing. On July 8th, 2012 I decided to start writing on leadership daily. After thinking about what it would cost, I decided to try it out. Well it's been a week since that decision and I've only missed one day of writing. In the process I`ve discovered the following:

  1. My writing is starting to improve as I write daily
  2. I'm learning more things and expanding my knowledge as I write
  3. The discipline of daily writing is bearing fruits in other areas of my life. As I write daily on leadership, I've given more thought to my leadership roles as a father, a manager and as a leader. I've challenged myself to practice what I preach even as I write
  4. It's also borne disciplines in other areas of my life. I'm watching TV and Videos a lot less as I'm dedicating my spare time to writing
  5. It's improving my English words knowledge. I've had to study the dictionary to get the right words to communicate my thoughts.
  6. I`ve made a few dollars writing
  7. I love writing

Well, I just wrote that I wouldn`t encourage anyone to write. But if you are excited as I am about writing and like conveying your thoughts in the written language; if the benefit of continuing outweighs the challenges you are facing (or will face), then I encourage you to keep going and to never look back!