The next book on your list should be Entreleadership

Dave Ramsey’s newest book, Entreleadership is a must read for anyone who has a job, wants a job, or owns their own business. Dave Ramsey is the owner of The Lampo Group. This company has been all about improving people’s lives by teaching the principals of becoming debt free and living a life of integrity.

Dave has spent 20 years teaching people to become debt free and millions have done so with his guidance. Originally, Dave was selling books out of his car and driving around with an overhead projector to any speaking jig he could get. Today, he has grown his company to over 300 employees with half a dozen revenue streams. The success the Dave has experience is undeniable. The Lampo Group has been voted the best place to work in Nashville, TN multiple times. The company does not measure their success by financial number but by the number of lives they change.

When it comes to starting, building, and maintaining a company; Dave Ramsey knows how to get the job done. In his book, Entreleadership, Dave gives us his play book. Everything laid out in the book is exactly what Dave does inside his company. This is very important because Dave has a long track record and has proven that these principals work. They create a company that it exceptional for the customers but also for its employees. Dave is a fantastic writer and will keep you interested all the way through the book.

Dave teaches us all is tricks to generate your maximum productivity, all the ways to create a great company culture. He also teaches us how to make a great hire and to properly set up our employees for success. The last and possibly the most important thing Dave teaches us in this book is the power of service. It is momentously important to learn the power of living to serve your customers and your employees. This is the foundation of all the principals taught in the book.

This is a very comprehensive book that is recommended for just about anyone interested in their job, future, income, or life! Could you imagine how incredible it would be to work for a company like Dave’s? At the same time, Dave’s company is second to none in customer service and satisfaction. This is all because of Dave’s principals he has shared with us in his book, Entreleadership.