way save money

People are often deceptive when it comes to the topic of money. People often tell half truths and blatant lies when it comes to their own personal financial situation and choices. There can be many issues associated with money. The sooner you learn to be more honest, the sooner you will have success in the financial areas in your life.

Many people feel as though they are protecting themselves when they lie about money and their personal finances. As they tell more and more lies about money, they begin to believe the lies and may actually feel as though the money issues are going away. This is not the case. Lying about the financial situation often makes it worse because the issue is actually being ignored.

It is quite easy to avoid the issues about money and tell yourself that others lie. Many people tell themselves that the sweater here, the latte there and the new pair of shoes each month are something they deserve. They need those things to be happy and they work hard and there is no reason they can't enjoy a few things once in awhile and treat themselves. When you start to treat yourself once a month, then once a month turns into once a week, and once a week turns into once a day, then you may find your finances spiraling out of control. The price of this treat increases and so do the consequences.

People often try to keep up with their friends. They may have a friend who just got a bonus and purchased a new car. People don't want to feel out of the loop or feel like a lesser success because they do not have the latest vehicle, so they make decisions that may put them in a financial difficulty. Friends and family assume you are also able to afford such luxuries. One splurge turns into another and then another and before you know it, you are drowning in debt.

People become very secretive about money. They may be perfectly willing to share secrets related to their love life, work, and even our friends. Many people who are willing to share even the most personal love life information may also be extremely deceptive about money or their financial situation. They have been taught that money is a personal subject and should not be shared.

People may feel like it's embarrassing to admit that you do not have the extra twenty or fifty dollars to enjoy an evening out with the girls. You may find that your honesty will inspire the others to think twice about their splurge as well and may also inspire some creative ideas. You may be able to share a bottle of wine at a friend's house instead of splurging at a trendy hot spot.

You may also find that this conservative night may actually turn out to be more enjoyable. Not only will you benefit from saving your hard earned cash, but you may also enjoy the quiet time with your friend to listen, laugh and relax in your Pajamas!