Taking a cruise

A lot of people enjoy cruising and some do it on a fairly constant basis. I started cruising two years ago and now I am hooked. Cruising is by far the most enjoyable vacation experience I have ever witnessed and my family are pretty diverse vacationers.

Let's take a look at some concerns that people have that may keep them from going on that first cruise. I will then address each concern and tell you why you should take a cruise.

Travelling Documents

Most people refuse to take a cruise because they don’t have a passport. Did you know that most cruise companies don’t require you to have a passport? We went on a cruise multiple times and we still have yet to ever buy a passport. All we needed was our birth certificate and a valid photo ID. Once we got our “ship and sail card”, which is a card that they give you as you get on the ship that takes care of all your onboard purchases and even functions as your room key, we just used it to get off the ship in Mexico and never had to show any other kind of ID.

Sea Sickness

Our last cruise that we took, we decided to take my wife’s parents with us. My wife’s dad gets real bad seasick on boats and  was real reluctant about taking a cruise. He went the whole cruise without even needing a pill for sea sickness.

The ship is massive and unless there is a storm you will not even know you were on a ship. There is very little to no motion while you are on the cruise.


The food on the cruise is awesome. It’s very fresh and very well prepared. You can choose to either dine in the casual restaurant that is on the ship or you can dine in one of the more formal dining rooms. It just depends on where and what you feel like eating.

Rather you feel like casual dining or formal dining, one thing you can depend on is the fact that you will have a large selection of dishes to choose from. The food on a cruise is great.


“Stateroom” is the term used to describe the rooms where guests stay and sleep while on the cruise. As you probably guessed there is different sizes and accommodations depending on the rate that you choose to pay.

The staterooms are very clean and are made up at least twice daily by the great custodial staff onboard. As a little bonus, they even fold your towels up to look like little animal characters.


Some people are scared to death of visiting other countries. I have to admit that I was also a little hesitant about taking a cruise that had Mexico as one of the destinations. I am so glad that I got over that fear and decided to take that first cruise to Cozumel, Mexico.

You will never take a more secured vacation to another country as you will when you go on a cruise. There is security personal both on and off the ship that are there to guarantee your safety. Not to mention that the destinations are breath takingly beautiful.

In Conclusion

I hope that this article has at least stifled some of your concerns about taking that first cruise. Once I got that first cruising experience then I couldn't think about anything else except when can I go back. We have even gotten a lot of our friends and family to take cruises as well who never even considered it before.

What are you waiting for? Go book that first cruise.