I penned this particular article for readers that are considering getting a brand new ereader, but aren't completely sure about the advantages. Personally I do appreciate the feel of an old-fashioned paper book and it took me a long time before I decided to acquire my very first ereader. Since then I have never regretted making the purchase.

One thing you should understand concerning monochrome ebook readers is that their displays don't work like the display of a PC. They quite simply use electric charge to manipulate ink drops. This makes them lighter and much more battery efficient than a tablet. You also do not get the eyestrain that you have with a regular monitor.

Listed here are five very good reasons I think you ought to consider going for it:

You'll be able to change the font size
When I first picked up my e-reader, I did not consider simple things like font size -- I assumed it'd be about the same as a normal book, and it can be. However, the truth is, being able to change the font size of electronic book is among the device's best capabilities, and something that you seldom hear anyone discuss.

Free e-books!
While I don't know how it works for every e-reader on the market, I do know that both Amazon and Barnes & Noble provide a great variety of totally free ebooks to accompany their respective ereaders, the Nook and Kindle, and many ebook readers let you read free e-books that you can download on numerous web pages on the internet. Although the e-books out there may be of ranging quality, it isn't too hard to get yourself a good deal of classic literature and nonfiction cost-free.

Your complete book collection is in your hands
Possibly the best feature of any e-reader may be the ability to carry your whole collection of books in one piece of equipment. No longer is it necessary to search through boxes or search through your whole house just to locate one publication. Furthermore, you will never worry about what to do with your unwanted books -- it is possible to just erase them and move ahead. This takes me to the next point:

It saves a great deal of space
A single book alone may not seem like a lot, but bunch a few dozen together and suddenly you've got a mess on your hands. Additionally, it is my experience that packing containers of books -- paperback or hardback, doesn't matter -- are some of the heaviest boxes known to humanity. There's no denying that ebook readers and ebooks enable you to gather a terrific selection of books without gathering a great amount of clutter in your house.

It's the future!
I'll be honest: at the moment, I regularly still prefer a good, old-fashioned paperback. And it's a fact that there are disadvantages in owning any ebooks. Digital rights management, bugs, electric batteries, stolen passwords. All of them are legitimate concerns.

In the long run, however, I believe it is quite obvious that, with classic book sales declining rapidly and our general march towards a digital world, ebook readers are certainly not going away any time soon, and the technological innovation behind them will simply continue to get better.