If you enjoyed it, support the write by telling others

You have just read a great book, what do you do next?

Most readers will put the book on their shelf or file it on their e-reader and perhaps buy other books by that author, but very few take the next step of leaving a review.

Reading reviews of books we are considering buying is part of the buying process, yet most of us don’t write them. We underestimate how important and powerful our comments and recommendations can be and the amount of influence we can have on other people’s buying decisions. 

One of the hardest things for any writer, particularly those that are just starting out and those who are self-publishing is building a fan base. 

Helping to overcome the stigma: great writers do self-publish

Over the past couple of years, self-publishing has become a viable alternative for many authors to get their stories out to the reading public, however there is still a stigma about the quality of these books. Many readers (both avid and occasional) avoid downloading anything that has not been released by a well known publishing houses. 

The common argument is that if the work was good they would have landed a traditional publishing contract.

Helping to overcome the myths surrounding self-publishing

In a competitive work environment where you are only as good as the last book you recommended, decisions focused on saleable rather than readable.

Often publishing decisions are made based on how quickly or how many units the title could potentially sell; was it written in a genre that was ‘on trend’ at the time it was submitted; or, was the writer considered ‘marketable’?

When profit drives decisions…

While many of those rejected probably didn’t deserve to make it to print, there are a lot of really good stories that never made it because it didn’t meet the criteria of trendy genre, obvious saleability or marketability of the writer. Or, the writer was simply unlucky 

Self publishing has removed most of those barriers, however any writer must still build a fan base for their work. That is why buying or downloading a book is an essential first step, it is only the first step in the process if you want to support the writer.

Encourage others to try a new writer

Most readers are always keen to find a new author to follow, but many are fearful of trying someone they haven’t heard of. They may have heard negative stories about poor quality self published books or they may have read one themselves, selectively forgetting the books they have purchased in the past that they haven’t enjoyed.

If you read a book and like it, don’t be afraid to tell the world what you thought. Other readers will appreciate your feedback:

  • If you downloaded or purchased it from an online retailer such as Amazon, iTunes or Barnes and Noble, leave an online review. It will take as little as 5 minutes of your time and will help both the writer and other readers.
  • Use your social media accounts to share your recommendation with your friends and family, particularly if they are also keen readers.

Word nirvana

The more new books published, the more potential good stories that will be out there to be found: word nirvana for the keen reader.

So, whenever you read a new book, whether by an established or new author, take the time to leave a review.