Many people use to judge others by outer appearances. Some think everybody with a dark skin has special characteristics or everybody with a certain hair color has other special characteristics and so on. Other people judge others by their clothing and think only someone with an expensive attire can be serious enough to work with money or prepare their tax declaration. But do they really know what they are doing?

What does your skin, your height, size or your hair really say about you? Does it really make a difference, from which country you are or where your parents come from? What does your suit tell about you?

Actually, if you contemplate about it logically, you'll come to the conclusion that all these things are completely meaningless. Every human being is an individual with his or her own Character. Not all people from a certain origin are the same and also persons with the same clothing can be very different. Maybe all good bankers that you know wear a very formal suit from an expensive brand. So do also many very successful fraudsters. And many people with jeans and leather jacket are that smart and honest you could let them invest your money and they will increase your money well and won't withhold even a cent.

There are Germans who are lazy and not at all as punctual as you think. On the other hand there are Africans who are always punctual and work as hard and accurate as it is normally said about the Germans and the Japanese. There are colored people who have all the good characteristics (and some more) which some people want to see only in white people. So if you reflect about it logically you will realize that the outer appearance of the people doesn't tell anything about them.

You could say now that at least the condition of the clothing tells you something about anybody, but is that true? If you meet somebody with a dirty suit you may make your judgement that this person is unkempt. But maybe you just don't know that he helped on his way someone in need and that was when his suit got dirty. You only see a dirty suit and make your unjust judgement. Even a millionaire who gets attacked and falls victim to robbers or rowdies may not look very nice and clean after that incident.

So if you really want to judge someone, you should base your judgement not on the outer appearance, but rather get to know that person very well. Otherwise you will have a very high risk to make a wrongful judgement. The best would be not to judge anybody at all because how you judge somebody tells more about you than about the person you judge.