Websites are everywhere these days, and lots of businesses have one. Many businesses are even solely online such as Google and Yahoo. Websites can help your business a lot, and provide a whole new world of opportunities for your company. These include customer-company contact, extra income, more traffic, and an opportunity for people to see your work.

Effects of a website (up growth)

        The first way a website can help your business is to provide a way to contact your customers, and a way for them to contact you. Almost every website has a “contact us” page where their customers can send a company messages regarding product issues, happiness with a product, or anything really. This will help you increase customer satisfaction, leading to more “word of mouth” advertising, as well as more future purchases from previous customers. A website can also help you contact the customer. You could post news on the front page of your site that customers would find useful, as well as deals that would entice them to buy.

       The second benefit of having a website is the opportunity for your business to generate extra income. There are two ways you can do this: ads, and an online store. Ads give are simply placed in your sidebar, and as people click on or see them, you get an imbursement from the company providing the ad. Many companies choose not to place ads on their site however, as it is often intrusive to the customer and gives them a worse experience. Assuming you are selling a physical product, you could also have an online store where people can purchase the product online, then have it sent to them in the mail. This method of making purchases is much more convenient than them having to waste money and time driving to your store to pick it up, therefore making it less of a big deal to purchase the product, generating more sales.

       The third benefit of having a website is that you can provide a portfolio of your work. This really only applies to a certain type of business such as a web design firm or photography business. Websites provide these types of businesses a place to show off their work and allow the customer to see what they can do. The portfolio is what convinces them to choose them rather than their competition. If they see that you take really good wedding photos, and they need a wedding photographer, you have a much greater chance of being hired than if you just say you are good. I would even say a website is essential to these types of businesses.

        The fourth benefit is that your website can bring more customers to your business. With over 3 billion searches in major search engines per day, there is a large group of people who will be able to find your business’s website, generating many more customers than you would have without a website. There is a whole science to this, called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but we won’t get into that in this article.

        Obviously, having a website would greatly benefit your business, and has benefited almost every business that has one. I am sure you will be very happy when you do decide to take the step to actually getting a website. Good luck with your business and creating a website for it!