Peoples of Mac!

Listen, some of you and myself have had issues with being able to automatically connect to any Wi-Fi service.

I recently bought the new Mac-Air, with the 250GB hard drive upgrade, 4GBs of RAM, and what ever else I could squeeze in under $2,000.

Expecting a phenomenal package of a sexy working Mac-machine to take the web by storm, I came across one caveat.

Whenever I opened my Mac it would not connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Regardless if this was my home network or a Starbucks. I’d have to physically select the connection I wanted. Which only takes a few seconds but becomes rather irritating when one is accustomed to flawless workmanship. Even if my bars were full I would still, at times, not be able to connect to my browser.

Alas, after hours of online research, and few visits to the Apple Store Genius bar this is what fixes it.

Apparently only some of all Mac’s running the new OS X Lion have this issue. The Genius guy quoted 1 out of so many, I forgot the number.

Here are steps: 

Go to the upper right corner where you see the connectivity bars.

Connectivity BarCredit: Scaler

Click on the bars and select: “Open Network Preferences”

Open Network PreferencesCredit: Scaler

You will see this. Click the Location drop down menu:


Automatic ViewCredit: Scaler

You should have one Location name in the field called “Automatic”.

Click the plus sign, and type a new name. I chose Test, and click Done.


Test(84388)Credit: Scaler

By clicking Done, this will automatically select Test for your Location rather then Automatic.

You can stop here or go back into your “Locations” drop down menu. Select Automatic, click the minus sign and delete the malfunctioning “Automatic”. By doing so you are now only left with “Test” as your “Location” preference.

Hit the Apply button and you should be good to go.

Not so fast Friend, because if you are not able to connect right away, then you will have to restart your laptop. This will re-configure your Location choices by somehow recycling the Wi-Fi process for connectivity.

I wish I was more technically enlightened to give you the run-down of what all this means- But I am not and thus will leave it to be explained by someone more qualified.

If you are not confortable with having the name Test as your Location preference, repeat the above steps, by creating a new location calling it Automatic, or whatever else floats your boat, and deleting the Test location.

And voila, you should be able to connect whenever you open your Mac at home or any free Wi-Fi hot-zone.

I just went through these steps myself, stuck stranded at a coffee shop, where I planned to wright this article. I can’t tell you how often you have to do this. This was my second time in six months. Obviously this is not a one time fix-all solution. But it seems to work as a Band-Aid. Lets just hope that Apple will come up with some kind of update to create smooth sailings for the few percentiles of people who experience this problem.