Are you trying to come up with reasons why you need a WiFi mobile phone so that you can talk yourself into purchasing one? Well, I am here to help you convince yourself that wifi mobile phones are a great and useful technology. There are a lot of reasons that you need a wifi enabled mobile phone. One of the coolest new features that many people are just starting to learn about is the fact that you can make free voice over ip calls with your wifi mobile phone, but that is just one of the many. To many people, the fact that you can connect many of the most popular mobile phones with wifi to the internet to make use of your existing voip service or even connect to some free voip services makes it worth the investment. For example, if your cell phone service is turned off for a late bill or what ever reason (I know you are never late), if you have a wifi enabled mobile phone you can still make an outgoing call at any local free wifi hot spot, this is pretty cool! There are a lot of other cool features that you are sure to love about a WiFi phone.

Another favorite feature of people who use wifi mobile phones is the ability to connect to the internet and get your own files from home. File sharing is huge and it is only going to get bigger and bigger and there is no reason that you should not be able to access your shared files anywhere in the world if you have a mobile phone with wifi. I know this sounds like something silly to some, but this is a great way to expand your mobile phone's storage by using an internet shared storage device or even your home pc to access pictures, documents and even videos with some carriers. This is actually one of the main reasons that I decided to get my wifi mobile phone. Since I travel a lot every month, I love the convenience of being able to access my files that are stored on my home computer or the files I need from work. It is extremely convenient and I have all but done away with my thumb drive because of it.

If you have ever tried to navigate the old wap enabled web pages you know how hard it was to read anything and how long each and every page took to load. You will be pleasantly surprised when you jump on the internet with a wifi mobile phone and start looking at the difference in the web pages compared to wap. The connection is fast, the pictures are sharp and it is a lot like accessing the web from a normal computer! Of course the particular phone and browser that the phone uses will affect the performance, but on all of the newest wifi mobile phone that I have seen the web browsing is very quick.

Samsung wifi mobile phones are really hot this year. They have released a few new models that are making people take a second look at what they have to offer. And Samsung is also going hard to get their phones out there in large quantities and competing with the iPhone and the Palm and Blackberry. They are doing this by partnering with the mobile phone service providers to almost give the phone away. And these are not cheap looking or working phones. The Samsung wifi mobile phones are very cool.

If you have not seen the new Samsung wifi mobile phone you need to take a look at it, because they have really taken a leap with the newest models and by what the consumers are saying, it has paid off big time. Mobile phones with wifi will become more common place in the years to come, but they are still in the design phase so there is a lot of proprietary software being used on them. You will find mostly various distributions of Linux, but unlike the other competitors the Samsung wifi mobile phones such as the Samsung i900 Omnia come pre-loaded with Powered by Windows Mobile 6.1. This makes integration with your home pc much easier. The fact that these phones have a Windows operating system on them, makes a lot of sense if you are already using Microsoft Office, because you can edit, create and share your Office documents very easily using this hot little wifi enabled phone.

If you are into games you will be glad to hear that mobile wifi phones are really taking advantage of the ability to connect to the internet to allow multi-player games. You will find that there are a lot of fun action games possible on wifi mobile phones. This makes the gaming experience so much better. Why play against the computer when you can be playing your friend down the street or on the other side of the world for that matter? I thought this would be a little hokey at first, but with the increased speed of these phones in accessing the internet, playing these kinds of games is actually realistic. With the older, slower regular phone connection to the internet it was just not feasible for most people even though technically possible.

The ability to connect to the internet with a wifi enabled mobile phone is limitless. The more that are released the more you will see mobile developers creating more great apps to utilize this capability. Also, we will be able to get more functionality from our mobile devices. People are looking forward to all of the new tools, games and applications to come in the future, but there are already a lot to choose from on the market now. Powering this is a surging demand for wifi enabled mobile phones in parts of the world where people have less easy access to traditional computers and these new phones are becoming the computers of choice and method of communicating and accessing the internet. Wifi Mobile phones are also starting to drop in price, so it is easier now to own one of these great phones than it has ever been before! We think that these are going to be the tablet pc or netbook of the future, smaller and stronger than ever mobile wifi phones are definitely the new wave.