Looking to add a bit of the tropics to your home style? Wicker ceiling fans can do just that, and often less expensively than rattan or bamboo ceiling fans. These fans look every bit the island ceiling fan, but they can also complement nearly any room in your home. In this article, you'll learn more about wicker ceiling fans, what wicker really is, and where you can buy a wicker ceiling fan for yourself.

Wicker Ceiling Fans: A Little Bit Of This, A  Little Bit Of That...Island Style

wicker ceiling fans_2You've more than likely seen and even sat on wicker before, but do you know what it is? Wicker has been around for thousands of years, as early as the ancient Egyptians. Its creation hails from times when furniture and decor was built with whatever raw materials were readily at hand, and in those times reeds and hardy plants were widely available. Simply, wicker is a technique by which decor, furniture, or hard objects are made with the woven fibers of many different plants and vines, whether it be rattan, bamboo, willow, or reeds. It's a popular technique in Eastern and island cultures specifically because of the abundance of these materials in those locales. Today, some synthetic fibers are also used for wicker furniture.

Wicker is a well-loved style that gives off an artisan feel. Most pieces of wicker furniture are hand-crafted, and because of their durability, pieces can last from generation to generation. Wicker, in fact is very sturdy and weathers well. This craftsmanship and strength make it an exceptional material for a lot of different furnishings, including many indoor and outdoor wicker ceiling fan styles.

Where To Use Wicker Ceiling Fans

Because of its island roots, wicker has become well-known as a tropical decor material, and it makes some great looking tropical ceiling fans. Because of the diversity of materials used in wicker, you can find ceiling fan blades in many different hatched weaves and colors. All, though, can transport you and your room right into that island style. If you are after a relaxed island charm for your interior home design or an adventure safari look, wicker ceiling fans are a great choice.
wicker ceiling fan blade_1
Wicker also goes well with room styles beyond island chic. It's a very popular style to complement cottage and country decor. You can add a wicker ceiling fan to nearly any area of a home furnished with these styles and create exceptional looks in the process.

Because wicker can withstand the weather, wicker fan blades are good choices for outdoor ceiling fans. Don't buy just any fan, though; make sure it is rated for outdoor use. There's many choices for wet rated and damp rated wicker fans, so you can certainly find one that fits your covered patio, linai, or tiki hut.

The Price And Where To Buy Wicker Ceiling Fans

wicker ceiling fansWicker ceiling fans are often a little less expensive than rattan or bamboo ceiling fans. You'll find some discounted down to $150 to $250 on Amazon.com. Amazon.com is, in fact, a great place to buy wicker ceiling fans and wicker fan blades. The fan blades usually come in bundles of five and range from $100 to $150. You'll also discover a variety of rattan and bamboo ceiling fans on Amazon.com, so there are many choices of tropical ceiling fans available to complete your island living style.

Home improvement stores often carry a selection of wicker ceiling fans, but the inventory may be small and you'll likely pay a higher price than Amazon.com. If you're already there, though, it's worth a look down the ceiling fan aisle to see if there are any sales going on.

You'll love the new look you wicker ceiling fans bring to your home. Whether you are going all out island or cottage chic, these decorative ceiling fans can be a big piece of your home decor. You may even be surprised by the compliments you receive from guests and the sense of island relaxation they bring to your life. They are well worth the investment.