Wicker furniture cushions help you to easily update your outdoor patio set. Wicker furniture, if it’s resin, lasts for a very long time. It can have a tendency to fade. I have revived some pieces in different materials with an exterior spray paint. The cushions almost never survive that long so you’ll need new ones. Plus, this is a really classic material that you might have seen in all of your friends’ yards. Here is how to match the right cushion to your existing furniture.

Damask Outdoor Cushions

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Keep it Elegant

The trellis or latticework style is very popular on indoor fabrics such as curtains and rugs. However, this is something that you probably had outside for years on your planter boxes or fences. You may even be growing grapevines on it. Use this only for a shabby chic or cottage effect. It can also be quite traditional and stores like Ballard’s Designs often use the print indoors.

Make It Formal

Sometimes I get sick of the basic white wicker outdoor furniture. A damask print is what has me considering this at all. This often uses a black and white palette. It makes this material more elegant and can match other iron furniture that you might already have outdoors. It looks fancy but you don’t pay any more for it.

Polka Dots

This type of furniture can seem a little bit stuffy. You can get a retro style with polka dots. You can use this on all of your furniture pieces. Try black and white, red and white, or even pink and white. Pair it with other floral cushions or solid pieces if you want to tone it down. I like this best in the backyard just because it can be a little bit too whimsical for a front porch swing.

Wild Tropical Looks

Find Modern Fabrics

If you just have a very square base this is where you’re going to want to go with a bolder print. Use reds and oranges. Use mustard yellows. You can also go with a very classic cream or white field without any kind of pattern at all, which is usually what I would choose when going with a higher price point.

However, you can also make this extremely trendy by going with a lattice print which is popular on outdoor rugs and curtains, but it’s very expensive for this use. Using it on your cushions continues the mod feeling. I probably wouldn’t use it on an entire set because it is so bold, so pull out some of the solid colors used on some of your other pieces.


Wicker furniture can feel cottage inspired or even coastal. This is best if it’s a white, gray, or blue palette. Some sage green tones will also work as well. You will want to stay away from almost any stripe in burgundy or gold when paired with this more casual material. It could be quite formal in a burgundy and mustard design. On other furniture pieces this could feel more Tuscan inspired. However, a blue and white stripe will be the most nautical.