A wicker living room is full of natural materials and elements. Wicker furniture is inexpensive but allows you to bring texture to a room. A wicker living room could work in any style from tropical to cottage. It brings the outdoors in, literally because this furniture is often seen on patios. Wicker can also be formal and comfortable.

If you want to change up your living room set on a budget, break up the sofa and love seat. You can use the love seat in another room and then bring in wicker furniture. You can find this furniture at garage sales and even in the garden department. A wicker rocker adds extra seating to a room without taking up too much space. You can paint the rocker white for a cottage room. Accent the space with painted ceiling tiles as artwork, architectural elements like old fence posts and corbels for accessories and white and pink fabrics on the pillows. You may be able to find a wicker basket chair that hangs from the ceiling for a more modern design living room.

Wicker fans are a stylish way to cool a room. Most interior designers try to do away with ceiling fans, but they don't have to actually live in the space. A wicker fan makes a statement in a room and updates an eyesore. It will turn a ceiling fan from a liability to an asset.

You can use wicker accessories to add life to a room. Look for oversized flat wicker basket lids that you can hang on the wall. You may be able to glue wicker place mats to the front of a cornice box. Bamboo blinds will blend in with the style and are one of the least expensive window treatments out there. You can find grass mats to make wicker cabinets by gluing the mats to the front of an armoire. Carrying an element throughout the room provides cohesion but wicker makes a subtle statement that won't overwhelm your space or your guests.

A tropical wicker living room has an island feel. You'll want to mix wicker elements with bamboo and natural grass rugs. You can use different stains on each piece varying form natural to dark black so the neutral colors are still interesting. Then bring in a pop of color with bright white or yellow walls. Since wicker furniture often has removable square cushions it's one of the easiest sofa upholstery projects out there. You can cover the cushions with a bright tropical print depicting exotic flowers or palm fronds. A wicker living room creates a bright and airy space. You can go for wicker furniture or just use accents such as baskets to add texture and organization to your existing living room set.