Why is Wicker the best material for a Patio Swing?

Who doesn’t love wicker swings? They’re like a little slice of heaven on your front porch. Comfortable, durable, and attractive. Many of us get a feeling of nostalgia when we think of wicker swings. My grandparents always used to have one, and I have fond memories of sitting on it as a kid while digging into an ice cream sundae with lots of hot fudge and a couple cherries. Mmm.

What is Wicker?

What exactly is the wicker in wicker swings? Wicker is made from plant materials, although plastic may also be used; the most common plants include rattan, cane, reed, bamboo, and willow. This material is made into strands, which are then woven together in the form of a chair, table, basket, or, of course, a swing!


One of wicker’s best qualities is the fact that it is lightweight and easy to move around. For this reason, it’s often used outside, on a porch or in a yard. The fact that wicker is lightweight also makes it an ideal choice for a swing, to minimize the stress on the chain or other supportive cabling used to hold the swing in the air. Which means that, all other things being equal, a wicker swing is that much less likely to break.

Of course the best thing about wicker swings is that they swing! Some people seem to really like the rocking motion of a rocking chair, Lay-Z-Boy, or swing, and I’m one of them. Something about the gentle back-and-forth swaying is just very relaxing to me. Especially if it’s on the porch, with a glass of lemonade and a warm summer breeze!

A Caveat

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a wicker swing is how exposed it will be to the elements. If your wicker swing is out in the open, outside, then you’ll want to get one with a good protective finish. Wicker is pretty durable, but getting one with a high-quality finish is still important if it’s battling the elements. If you have a covered porch, or even a roof, then you probably have a little more leeway.

Finally, wicker is relatively cheap—but good-looking! It has a definite rustic charm to it, especially when you compare it to other types of furniture in the same price range (plastic furniture, etc.). You can always get add a wicker furniture cushion if you prefer a slightly cushier seat.

All in all, wicker swings are comfy, practical, and have a nice, summery feel.